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IGrow is dedicated to the education and upliftment of their investors, teaching them how to identify, acquire and manage top-performing properties that provide above-average rental income and capital growth yields. Our blog pages offer investors information that is pertinent to all aspects of property ownership and investment.

WEBINAR: Let's Talk Property with Derek Watts

How to Enter the Property Market

There are many challenges that come with dipping your toes (or your entire savings) into the property market. This panel has been assembled to help viewers understand the best way to do this, and the potential rewards and pitfalls of making an investment of this nature.

INTERVIEW: Property Portfolio Planning

How the IGrow Wealth Plan is revolutionising property investment

Watch a discussion between IGrow Group CEO Jacques Fouché and Sean Johnston, the General Manager of Property Portfolio Planning, about how the IGrow Wealth Plan is revolutionising property investment in South Africa. Topics discussed include why traditional retirement investment products are no longer enough to save for retirement and what the IGrow Wealth Plan does to address this issue.

REPORT: The Incredible Power of Trusts

Free download for entrepreneurs, property investors, business owners & wealth creators.

  • How you can leave a lasting legacy for your family and loved ones
  • Five everyday risks business owners face
  • Five myths and misconceptions about trusts
  • Ten indispensable reasons to set up a trust

REPORT: Section 13sex and its tax benefits

Free download… it’s the best property-based tax incentive around.

  • Training video about how to build a multi-million rand property portfolio.
  • eBook about SARS's dirty little tax secrets for property investors.
  • Full access to exclusive, below market value property investments in South Africa.

LIVE: Property Investment Seminar in Midrand

Jacques Fouché presents the IGrow property investment seminar
  • How you can get SARS to fund the shortfalls in your investment portfolio.
  • The best-kept tax secret in the property investment game.
  • How to build a team of qualified experts to help you leverage your way to wealth.
  • Learn how to use the banks' money to fund your investment portfolio
  • What structures are the best for property investment

WEBINAR: Retirement Planning & Your Portfolio

What If You Knew The EXACT Steps You Needed To Take Every Day, Week, Month And Year To Achieve Financial Independence?
  • How does my property portfolio’s growth compare to the growth of other conventional investments, like unit trusts, a share portfolio, retirement annuities and pension funds?
  • Can I get more financing from the banks?
  • How and when will I have enough passive income to retire?

WEBINAR: The Myths & Secrets about Trusts

Protect and grow their hard-earned assets, in order to leave a legacy.
  • Create, protect and grow your wealth - leave a legacy.
  • Find out why 98% of business owners are at great risk.
  • Trusts offer very powerful and huge tax advantages.
  • How you can leave a lasting legacy for your family and loved ones.

WEBINAR: Wealth Protection & Your Portfolio

Specialists in property investments, asset protection and estate planning
  • The 5 everyday risks business owners face.
  • The 5 absolute myths and misconceptions about trusts.
  • How to bulletproof your investment portfolio so that you own nothing but control everything.

WEBINAR: Property Investment for Beginners

How to build a team of qualified experts to help you leverage your way to wealth.
  • Why you should invest in property.
  • How using a bond originator’s free services takes the hassle out of finding the finance.
  • How to plan and manage your property portfolio for years to come.

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