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The IGrow Group is designed and structured to empower first-time property investors in South Africa by providing exceptional value and ongoing support.

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With nearly two decades of experience, the IGrow Group of companies has evolved to become the leader in buy-to-let investing. We’ve forged powerful partnerships with the best developers in the country and all major banks, creating a secure platform for your investment journey.

Personally assigned to YOU, to discuss your needs to mentor and guide you in achieving your goal through investing in exclusive high growth investment properties. Igrow has some of the best investment bargains and exclusive deals in the country.​

Your bond originator will show the strategies to unlock your financing potential.

Tax planning and tax efficiency can save you millions over your investment career. We Will ensure you pay as little tax as possible and for as long as possible whilst you are running your property portfolio as a business.​
Will ensure you own nothing but control everything. Helping you create the correct asset protection strategy and structures so that your portfolio are protected against creditors. it’s all about, paying almost no tax while you alive and nothing when you pass away one day. It’s all about continuity and leaving a legacy.​

Will oversee your Personalized wealth plan, help you determine your passive income goal at retirement and help you achieve it.​

A world class rental management team. With the latest systems, strategies and professional personnel that will source and screen reliable tenants and manager your properties seamlessly anywhere you decide to invest · provide you with rental insurance to guarantee your monthly rental income and sleep with peace of mind​

We help you with market analysis, market valuations, feasibility studies and due diligent research when you need to sell a property. You will have our inhouse realtors at your fingertips.​

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Maximise your investment potential through strategic leverage of resources.


Benefit from an established, efficient, and reliable investment structure.


Gain expert guidance in selecting lucrative investment opportunities.


Enjoy hassle-free rental management through our expert services.

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During the consultation, we take the time to understand your personal and financial objectives. Whether you’re aiming for long-term wealth accumulation, generating passive income, or planning for retirement, identifying your goals will guide our investment strategy tailored specifically for you.

The IGrow Group’s mission is to transform lives and communities through property investment. We invite you to embark on this transformative journey with IGrow. You’re not just starting an investment journey but securing your path to financial independence for you and your family.

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Natasha Janssen is honestly the BEST rental agent I have ever met. She did not just help me before the move with finding the right apartment for me, but she still responds quickly to any concerns I may have. Truly recommend her to anyone looking to rent a place. Thank you, Natasha, for being a superstar rental agent!
Excellent service received from I-Grow team. They answered all my questions and gave detailed information on how they will be assisting me with growing my portfolio. Marilize was fantastic in assisting me with appointment scheduling and made sure I found their location. Thank you I-Grow, looking forward to working with you.
Excellent service from Leigh-Andra. She answered all questions I have and was very polite in the manner she addressed my queries. Keep up the good job
Bond Specialist - Leigh Mentor Leigh Mentor's professionalism and work ethics is truly amazing. She has advised and help me obtain bonds with very good interest rates recently. She is a specialist and knows exactly what information to request from the onset. It makes the admin and paperwork seamless. The entire process was effortless. Such a pleasure to work with and very helpful and informative. Thank you so much Leigh Mentor for assisting us.
I am very much pleased to have received such great , warm service from Leigh Andra. I had such a a pleasant phone call from her explaining everything that I needed to know without me having to ask any more further questions. Also she made me feel important and kept on updating me on everything and that is every customers dream. Thank you very much Leigh Andra

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