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We are committed to educating, advising and guiding our investors every step of the way and our HelloPeter reviews showcase the results and service excellence we provide to our clients. Don’t just take our word for it, see what I clients have to say.
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Success Stories

Akho-Amava Myataza

Akho takes time out of his busy schedule at the Durbanville Nature Reserve in Cape Town to talk about what lead him to invest in property and what being an IGrow client has meant to him.

Reserve Supervisor - Durbanville Nature Reserve

Roxanne Julies

Roxanne tells us about how she and her husband began investing in property more than a decade ago, and never looked back.

Mother & property investor

Bulelani Calana

Bulelani discusses experiencing that "A-ha" moment when he realised what investing in property meant for his financial future.

Senior Beverage Buyer - Woolworths

Elma Lourens

Elma, a civil engineer from Cape Town, talks about how isolated she was when she first started her property investment career. But, in seeking a family with whom she could build her investment portfolio she found her way to an IGrow Wealth Investments seminar and has since been able to invest more aggressively.

Civil Engineer

Lee Meyeridricks

Lee, a software architect for a large investment firm, talks about his decision to invest in property, how it has had a massive impact on his life and the personal touch that IGrow brought to his investment portfolio.

Software Architect

Hanneli & Madeleine Heyns

Madeleine and Hanneli were best friends in high school and have now been happily married for the last 8 years. They talk to us about their property investment journey with IGrow. Now living in the USA, this dynamic couple have everything to look forward to, including an early retirement.

Pharmacist | Home care professional

I attended one of your property seminars in midrand late 2017 before the end of last year 2018 I have managed to buy 13 properties in one year worth millions all funded by the bank my tenants are paying my bonds, though I have been in real estate for over a decade but one always learn new things and strategies.

My advice would be if you interested in Real Estate Investment and you don’t know where to start consider attending one of IGrowwealth seminars.

I will always be grateful for IGrowwealth.

Bongani President

Real Estate Entrepreneur & Investor

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The IGrow Group of Companies has positioned itself as the top service provider and property investment company in South Africa. Having assisted over 80 000 investors in building wealth through property.



Message of gratitude and appreciation for oustanding service

I would like to applaud and thank Jané Du Toit (Property Investment Strategist) and Ndileka Mankule (Bond Consultant) for their assistance and diligence in helping me grow my property portfolio from one property to two in such a short period of time. Thank you Jané for all the meetings we had on how to structure a robust property portfolio and for all the advice on how and where to invest to get the best possible returns in the long term. Thank you Ndileka for your assistance with the application process, advice on what to do to improve my chances of getting financial approval and for the regular updates during the application period. Now my dream of financial freedom and wealth for myself and my family is a reality. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING

Great Service

We were recently introduced to IGrow and we decided to purchase a property from them. What a great experience. We were kept informed every step of the way and Madelein really tried to accommodate us every step of the way and even went the extra mile to try and negotiate a better interest rate with ABSA. We would definitely recommend IGrow if anyone is interested in purchasing/investing in property!

Excellent service by Jessica Van Dyk

I would just like to complement Jessica Van Dyk , property investment strategist for IGrow wealth for the excellent support , and great service Randered to me , This has to be the best service I've experienced my whole life , her tone of voice , her tone on email has always been pleasant , professional and very effeciant , I also lost my brother in the interim and had to be out of town for the funeral she took all that into consideration and gave me time and kept my unit secured .again excellent service I am very comfortable and pleased to have her on my side , thank you so much.

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