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IGrow Trusts has a national footprint, and is part of the IGrow Group of Companies. We provide financial services relating to trusts, accounting, wealth management, educational events and property investments.

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IGrow Trusts

IGrow Trusts specialises in property investments, asset protection and estate planning, by implementing trusts as well as corporate and commercial structures. Properly administered trust and company structures provide for optimised tax benefits, wealth creation and risk mitigation.

Our aim at IGrow Trusts is for investors to control all their wealth in trusts and company structures, rather than to own assets in their personal capacities. The objective for investors is to ensure financial freedom and more importantly, to enjoy peace of mind while creating and protecting their hard-earned money.

IGrow Trusts is at the forefront of our industry and continually looking for more strategic and comprehensive solutions for our business owners, property investors and entrepreneurial clients.

IGrow Trusts is the primary provider of trust  and company structures in the buy-to-let market, servicing close to 30 000 property investors across South Africa.

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Jolandi Vermeulen Trust Attorney

Jolandi is a fiduciary practitioner dealing with trusts, tax, estates, estate planning, wills and general commercial legal advice.

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IGrow Trusts is based on the fundamentals of corporate governance including the following services:

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The IGrow Group of Companies has positioned itself as the top service provider and Property Investment company in South Africa. Having educated over 80 000 clients and assisted 5 000 investors in building wealth through property.We are committed to educating, advising and guiding our investors every step of the way and our HelloPeter reviews showcase the results and service excellence we provide to our clients.

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