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For people who wish to invest in buy-to-let property, we make it simple to build a property portfolio.

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Theres more! Stay until the conclusion of our live event, 10 Steps to Building a Property Empire" IGrow Wealth Plan

Holistic overview of your retirement portfolio.

As investment property can be a complex investment vehicle, the plan is designed to help create a roadmap to reach investment goals more strategically with guidance from professionals.

Investing should be easy

10 steps to building your property investment empire ™

Build a successful property portfolio with a team of experts

The collective aim of the IGrow Group of companies is to help you achieve financial independence and lasting wealth through a buy-to-let property investment strategy. Whether you are a beginner or advanced investor, we aim to help you successfully manage every challenge you’ll face through this investment journey. Our focus remains on investing in residential real estate, where our current investors consistently achieve above-average rental income and capital growth yields. 
1. Skills
2. Team
3. Plan
4. Leverage
5. Structure
6. Selecting
7. Systems
8. Sars
9. Rental
10. Business
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We will discuss your financial future and how you can leverage other people’s money, time, effort and experience to work for you in building your buy-to-let property portfolio. Book your free 45-minute consultation with a property investment strategist where we talk more in-depth about how you can achieve financial freedom.