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IGrow Real Estate

IGrow Real Estate is quickly establishing itself as the trusted and sought-after name in real estate.

We know how to sell & Market Property

IGrow Real Estate

Buying or selling a property need not be a daunting task. IGrow Real Estate is well-equipped to support you through the entire sales and acquisition process. Through our bespoke suite of real estate marketing, management and financial services we provide our clients with turnkey solutions, from free valuations to strategically marketing your property for sale through our various channels, and assisting with the purchase of your next property.

IGrow Real Estate, part of the IGrow Group of Companies, has established itself as a trusted and sought-after name in real estate. We focus on wealth creation through partnering with our 65 000+ investors and primary home purchasers through direct investments in strategically identified properties, thereby offering property developers bulk sales, competitive pricing and fast turnaround on projects.

IGrow Real Estate uses professional video and photography, as well as high-quality drone footage of the property, to professionally market each mandate. Our videographer will visit the property to shoot footage, which will be edited into a slick, professional showcase, highlighting the property’s best features.

Meet the Real Estate Team

The following key professionals lead IGrow Real Estate:

Gerhardt Jooste General Manager of New Developments at IGrow Wealth Investments

Gerhardt achieved a BA (Law) from Stellenbosch University. With 20 years of spearheading leading-edge commercial and residential developments, he thrives on strategic sales and marketing of new real estate, working closely with developers at pre-launch stage.

Christlé Jooste Intern Real Estate Agent

Chrislé graduated from Stellenbosch University as an advocate. She has served in sectors of local government (Cape Town) in a legal advisory capacity for town planning, environmental and constitutional legislation. She has 4 years experience as a real estate agent.

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The IGrow Group of Companies has positioned itself as the top service provider and Property Investment company in South Africa. Having educated over 80 000 clients and assisted 5 000 investors in building wealth through property.We are committed to educating, advising and guiding our investors every step of the way and our HelloPeter reviews showcase the results and service excellence we provide to our clients.

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