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Wealth Protection & Your Property Portfolio

Wealth Protection aimed at property investors, business owners, salaried employees, young professionals and anybody who needs to protect and grow their hard-earned assets, in order to leave a legacy.

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A Proven Wealth Protection Process

Wealth Protection

Protecting wealth relies on proactive advocacy and tools to help you feel confident, secure and in control of your future after retirement. We are well-versed in family dynamics, financial strategies, investments, estate and tax rules, and solutions for overall wealth protection and preservation.

Preparing in advance for life’s transitions and the transfer of wealth is critical to protecting your wealth.


Our primary goal is to get all our clients to OWN NOTHING
because if they own nothing there is nothing to lose.

our wealth protection service offering

Backed By a Team of Experts

The team of experts at IGrow Wealth focus on their key objective – to help ordinary South Africans achieve financial independence through long-term property investment.

We have pioneered a one stop Trust solution that ensures the corporate, legal, administrative and accounting aspect of an individuals structure is implemented and executed correctly through our Trusts, tax and accounting experts.

When investors choose to work with IGrow, they have the confidence of knowing that they are collaborating with a professional team that has created substantial wealth for South Africans since 2006.

These services include:

The IGrow Trust team consists of:

Getting started is easier than you think

We invite you for a life-changing, free, one-on-one property investment consultation. We will discuss your financial future and how you can leverage other people’s money, time, effort and experience to work for you when building your buy-to-let property portfolio.