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Our specialist advisers have a strategic and inclusive approach to financial planning, which allows them to create a unique road map towards your financially free retirement.

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Introducing IGrow Wealth Management

At IGrow we are confident about the future and are dedicated to the success of our national and international clients through providing excellent opportunities, while at the same time ensuring tax, accounting and regulatory compliance for all, based on professional excellence.


You will find IGrow Chartered Accountants & Trust service fees very competitive.


Fees are generally based on the value of assets under management. However, fees can vary depending on the nature of the assets, the type of trust and the level of administration required.

With financial investment advisers, tax consultants, property investment strategists, financing specialists and rental management agents all under one roof, IGrow is not only able to provide a convenient platform from where you can manage your wealth but can also offer you an integrated wealth protection and creation solution.

IGrow Wealth Investments (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider.

The IGrow team conducts an in-depth financial analysis on your personal wealth and trust structures which are all linked to your investments, including your properties, shareholding life policies, retirement annuities and existing pension or provident funds.

Our advice will ensure long-term succession planning while optimising taxation in the short, medium and long term. This enables you to leave a legacy to your loved ones.

Authorised financial services provider

The following key services are offered by IGrow Chartered Accountants:

Risk Planning Protection of assets against creditors

Personal liability is limited to the assets in an individual’s name. Creditors cannot access the assets in a trust unless it was set up with the intention to defraud creditors. Each risk poses a potential threat that could result in dire consequences. Through using our services you are able to minimise or do away with such risks right from the start.

Family Trust Your Absolute Protector

The Family Trust structure is the recommended vehicle in which to accumulate cash, have ownership of long-term assets and structure your life and disability cover. Any person, even a salaried employee or a business owner, is at risk in their personal capacity, and therefore it is imperative to implement the best legal and tax efficient structure to optimise asset protection, to create wealth and to ensure that dependants and future generations are catered for.

Why your Life Cover should be owned by your Family Trust

More than 95% of people have their Life Cover in their own names. They, therefore, do not enjoy any tax benefits and have very little protection, in many cases none whatsoever. Spouses are usually nominated as the beneficiary, which results in tax implications that are delayed and have an impact when least expected.

A ‘short and sweet’ list of the benefits of a trust-owned life policy:

Getting started is easier than you think

We invite you for a life-changing, free, one-on-one property investment consultation, where we will discuss your financial future and how you can leverage other people’s money, time, effort and experience to work for you in building your buy-to-let property portfolio.