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Our specialist advisers have a strategic property management approach to financial planning, which allows them to create a unique road map towards your financially free retirement. Wealth management


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A Proven Wealth Management ProcessCreate a unique wealth management road map towards your financial freedom

With financial investment advisers, tax consultants, property investment strategists, financing specialists and rental management agents all under one roof, IGrow is not only able to provide a convenient platform from where you can manage your wealth, but can also offer you an integrated wealth protection and creation solution.

We have a strategic and inclusive approach to Wealth Management

Our primary goal is for all our clients to OWN NOTHING because if they own nothing they have nothing to lose.

Making Property management easy​IGrow Wealth Investments (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider.

The IGrow team conducts an in-depth financial analysis on your personal wealth and trust structures which are all linked to your investments, including your properties, shareholding life policies, retirement annuities and existing pension or provident funds. Our advice will ensure long-term succession while optimising taxation in the short-, medium- and long-term. This enables you to leave a legacy to your loved ones.

IGrow has made Property management easy​Backed By a Team of Experts

The team of experts at IGrow Wealth focus on their key objective – to help ordinary South Africans achieve financial independence through long-term property investment.

We are one of the only property investment companies in South Africa that provides a comprehensive, specialised and professional service on wealth creation, wealth protection and investing, using entry-level property as the underlying asset class. 

When investors choose to work with IGrow, they have the confidence of knowing that they are collaborating with a professional team that has created substantial wealth for South Africans since 2006.

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Getting started is easier than you think

We invite you for a life-changing, free, one-on-one property investment consultation. We will discuss your financial future and how you can leverage other people’s money, time, effort and experience to work for you when building your buy-to-let property portfolio.