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The insurance and traditional retirement investment companies are not going to come to your rescue – the only person who can create financial freedom for you is you.

A Wealth Plan tailored to your specific needs and goals, That becomes your roadmap to early retirement

A retirement/investment plan must be uniquely designed to fit your goals/aspirations, your plan becomes the bridge between your situation today and your financial dreams for tomorrow. When that plan is real, then your dreams become a reality. The only thing left to do is complete the actions required. It makes the whole journey to financial freedom so much easier.

The disturbing truth is every day you live without this blueprint guiding your decisions decreases the odds of achieving your financial goals. It puts you just a little further away making it harder to reach.

Wealth doesn’t require genius, special talents, privilege, or luck.

But it does require an actionable plan based on proven principles that are organised into strategic steps that will get you results with minimal wasted effort.s

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The world’s number #1 property investment plan, ideal for:

  • entrepreneurs
  • property investors
  • salary earners
  • business owners

A Message From IGrow's CEO:
The One Decision That Can Make Or Break Your Financial Future

First and foremost I wish to thank you.

I cannot adequately express my deep appreciation for the support we receive from our IGrow investors. Thank you for trusting IGrow to assist you in your quest to create, grow and protect your wealth so that you can leave a legacy to your loved ones. 

I believe in leading by example, and as such, I am currently developing a R110 million personal buy-to-let property portfolio, that I intend to keep as a long-term investment, that will form part of my legacy to my children, and my children’s children. 

The IGrow Group has sold A-grade investment stock in excess of R3 billion to our property investors to date, and we currently manage more than a billion rand’s worth of buy-to-let rental properties for our investors. 

Over the last decade, the IGrow Group has grown from 15 to more than 70 full-time employees and has opened offices across the country in Durban and Pretoria, as well as moving our Head Office to a new location in Cape Town to accommodate our phenomenal expansion. 

I have been fortunate enough to speak to over 70 000 property investors and business owners over the last 10 years at venues across South Africa, meeting property investment superstars and successful entrepreneurs along the way. In these interactions, I noticed a recurring, crippling problem that investors face. 

These investors were working hard at their investments, yet still struggling to achieve the level of passive income and success from their property portfolio, that would enable them to retire ahead of schedule

I discovered why not just South Africans but 99% of the population around the world are failing to reach the level of passive income, financial freedom and wealth they really want in their lives.

So, what is this seemingly ‘insurmountable’ problem?

Most investors, entrepreneurs and business owners are ignorant of the need to develop a strategic property investment plan. Nobody had a customised blueprint or roadmap, tailored to their and their families’ lives, that could guide them to achieve financial freedom, and leave the rat race behind by retiring earlier than anticipated. 

What do I mean?

In my interactions with existing or potential property investors, I found that they were all asking similar questions.
These questions were:

  • Where should I invest my money?
  • Where should I invest my money?
  • What type of properties should I buy?
  • What should my gearing ratio be?
  • In what entities should I build my portfolio?
  • Can I get more financing from the banks?
  • Should I buy cash?
  • How and when will I have enough passive income to retire?
  • How does my property portfolio’s growth compare to the growth of other conventional investments, like unit trusts, a share portfolio, retirement annuities and pension funds?

When I asked my investors some very specific questions it became clear that even those with a so-called ‘investment plan’ did not know what the internal rate of return (IRR) on their investments needed to be to earn them a precise amount of income at a specific future date, to achieve their goals of early retirement.

In other words, they did not know how hard their money was working for them. They could not measure their returns and therefore could not accurately predict the outcome of their existing investments.

This is what I like to call the ‘hope-and-pray’ strategy. If you don’t measure your returns, how can you work out if your growth rate is adequate to take you to financial freedom?

This is the reason 99% of investors won’t be able to retire financially free: they think they know the expected outcomes of their investment, but very few can actually do the necessary financial calculations.

Most property investors had no plan whatsoever, and the few who did had created a one-dimensional 1-page excel spreadsheet for themselves. They had read the books, went to the seminars presented by ‘gurus’ – many of whom do not own property themselves – and listened to their ‘expert financial advisors’ and friends. But they could not fully appreciate the nature of investing in property and how to grow a multi-million rand property investment portfolio.

The “Proven Blueprint” Plan

Engineering a personalised, strategic, analytical, wealth plan is the single most important step to achieving financial freedom because the alternative is wasted effort every day, inefficient resource use, and high risk of failure. This is just common sense, and the alternative is irrational.

No one I have met has ever developed an all-inclusive, advanced, strategic property investment plan to become financially free.

None of them could show me a detailed plan of their investment portfolio, combining their traditional financial products and investments like shares, unit trusts, retirement annuities and businesses with their property investments into one strategic blueprint.

Zig Ziglar said it best, “Many people spend more time in planning the wedding than they do in planning the marriage.” What this illustrates is that working on your plan is more important than planning the deal, because if you have the wrong plan you are planning the wrong deal. This is what Alan Lakein meant when he said that “planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

Zig Ziglar

You might ask: “Why aren’t more investors and entrepreneurs building multi-million rand property portfolios and achieving the wealth, lifestyle and passive income they dream of?”

I have found that there are 3 main reasons:

  • They don’t know how to calculate the real IRR on their money invested in a property. If you can’t measure, you can’t manage.
  • They don’t have an expert team of property investment specialists to guide and coach them. With their futures at stake, they risk doing it on the cheap, with gurus who pretend they are experts. Or they risk doing it all by themselves because they think property investment is easy.
  • They don’t have a step-by-step strategic property investment plan and blueprint for financial freedom.

Wealthy investors become so by understanding the true value of leverage: strategically leveraging the correct plan, team and debt to become very rich. Highly effective property investors succeed because they use other people’s knowledge, time, effort and experience to build wealth for themselves.

Knowing that everything starts with a strategic plan, my team and I set out to create the world’s most advanced and complete property investment plan for investors wanting to become wealthy and retire early.

So, after years of study, after founding and growing several property investment companies within the IGrow Group, as well as my own financial freedom through property investment, my team and I are excited to give you access to the world’s number 1 property investment plan.

What If You Knew The exact Steps You Needed To Take Every Day, Week, Month And Year To Achieve Financial Independence?

Wealth doesn’t require genius, special talent, privilege, or luck.

But it does require an actionable plan based on proven principles that are organised into strategic steps that will get you results with minimal wasted effort.


If you want the most comprehensive and elite property investment plan – created by a team of industry experts to be unique to your financial situation and to help you retire 10 to 20 years earlier.

IGrow Wealth Investments has created the IGrow Wealth Plan.

However, there is very limited access to the IGrow Wealth Plan

The main reasons we are limiting the number of plans we create in total are:
  • the time and resources necessary to create your customised plan, as well as the ongoing strategic advice we deliver, means we are only able to create a limited number of IGrow Wealth Plans, and
  • we only want to work with committed investors who are serious about achieving their financial freedom goals.

Key objectives of the IGrow Wealth Plan

  • To provide a comprehensive report detailing where you are now in your plan towards your retirement.
  • To lay out what is required to achieve your desired monthly income in retirement.
  • To set the date of your financial freedom.
  • To manage, optimise and review your portfolio’s financial performance.
  • To execute tailor-made strategies to build your asset base with A-grade investment properties.
  • To fulfil the IGrow mission statement of helping our investors create, grow and protect their wealth, for them to be able to leave a legacy to their loved ones.

Why is the IGrow Wealth Plan unique?

This is the only plan that incorporates both traditional investment vehicles such as pension funds, retirement annuities, collective investment schemes and alternative investments with buy-to-let real estate. This enables the IGrow Wealth Plan to illustrate a more accurate overview of your investment portfolio.

In creating your customised plan, we help you calculate:

  • your current investment growth rate on your existing investments.
  • the new growth rate you will need in order to achieve financial freedom at your desired retirement age.

How will the IGrow Wealth Plan accomplish this?

The IGrow Wealth Plan will review your current investment portfolio and track it against your retirement income needs.
From here we are able to calculate the steps you need to take to achieve those goals, such as:
  • how much capital you need to invest
  • what type of properties you should invest in
  • how many additional properties you need in your portfolio (if there is a shortfall)

A comprehensive property investment plan should consist of the following:

  • Forecasts
  • Projections
  • Goals
  • Financial planning, combined with property investment planning

Your personalised plan will cover the following:

  • Establish your retirement goals
  • Review your current provisions
  • Analysis of your investment portfolio at retirement
  • Analysis of your property portfolio at retirement
  • How to combine funds invested in traditional investment vehicles with property investment to maximise your retirement income
  • Recommendations and advice from our General Manager of Property Portfolio Planning and key members of the IGrow team

Another important principle ignored by most wealth plans is the support of a strategic team

When investing in the IGrow Wealth Plan you also benefit from immediate access to your own team of investment experts.
How would your life change if could retire 10 to 20 years earlier than expected?

Ask yourself how much it is worth to you, to become financially free with a property portfolio worth tens of millions of rands.

What if you could achieve an annual compounded return of 50% or more on your invested funds?

This plan, and the team that comes with it, is truly your key to unlocking financial freedom and living an incredible life.

The world’s number #1 property investment plan could easily sell for over R50 000

This is an illustration of the value of this plan and some of its benefits:

  • The world’s number 1 property investment plan – worth more than R50 000
  • The IGrow investment team of seven property investment experts - worth R25 000 per year in consultation fees alone. You get lifetime access (on the condition that your annual investment plan review fee is paid.)
  • The first annual review and evaluation of your investment portfolio and creation of your investment plan - worth R3 495 (included in the cost of the first year of your investment plan.) This annual review will be done by Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) from IGrow’s Property Portfolio division (part of IGrow Wealth Management, FSP number 27534.)
  • Your own dedicated Property Investment Strategist – worth R5 000 per year. You get lifetime access (on the condition that your annual investment plan review fee is paid.)

This equates to a direct market value of R83 495

I believe no one else in the world can give you an offer that is this valuable at the price I am making available to you here today.
  If you want the most comprehensive and elite property investment plan – created by a team of industry experts to be unique to your financial situation and to help you retire 10 to 20 years earlier.
For those of you who are 100% committed and truly desire financial freedom, you can get started right away for only R9 995.

Yes, that’s correct - only R9 995

A Wealth Plan Works Like A Road Map To Drive You Where You Want To Go

A properly designed wealth plan makes your financial goals totally real. No more doubt. You see that if you do X, then you will get Y.


What our clients have to say

My intent here was to provide you with enough information to make a smart decision.

This investment will guarantee you your own unique investment plan and a strategic, step-by-step blueprint for financial freedom – an investment in your education and your financial future.

This also entitles you to lifelong access to my expert investment team – as long as you remain an investor in this plan (by paying your annual property investment review fee) you will benefit from this access. This means that all your property investment consultation fees are subsidised, and you have the best property investment plan and team in the world working to make early retirement a reality for you.

I will include a complimentary one-hour one-on-one mentorship session with Sean Johnston CFP®, our General Manager of Property Portfolio Planning. He is the chief engineer of the IGrow Wealth Plan, and one of the highest qualified investment experts in South Africa, who will help you stay on track for your retirement.

Having a dedicated property investment strategist allows you to evaluate which top-performing, A-grade investment properties to purchase for your investment plan, selecting them from the IGrow portfolio of properties. Your strategist, in conjunction with the other investment experts, will implement your plan and help you to execute your wealth-protection and wealth-creation strategies.

These consultations can either take place in person at the IGrow offices, via Skype or telephone – whatever is most convenient for you.

Not only are you effectively saving R74 500, but you are also building up a property portfolio worth tens of millions of rand, which will produce tens of thousands of rand in passive income every month.

Your First Step to Achieve Financial Independence Starts Here!

Retire 10 to 20 years earlier, worry-free.
This plan will allow you to spend time with the people you love and live the life you always dreamed of and be able to leave a meaningful legacy to your loved ones. The IGrow Wealth Plan is an in-depth analysis and roadmap showing how you to achieve financial freedom through property investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quite simply, because there is no other plan like this in the world. The IGrow Wealth Plan was developed from scratch by a team of highly-skilled specialists after they realised that there was no way for anyone to track their investments in their entirety. The IGrow Wealth Plan does just that.

The IGrow Wealth Plan considers and compares all the various investments an investor has, analyses them and makes recommendations on how to augment retirement savings through investing in buy-to-let property, allowing investors to not only achieve their retirement goals – even enabling them to retire earlier than planned.

Any existing or first-time investor looking to invest in buy-to-let real estate and wanting a comprehensive report to plan towards their retirement.

Understanding buy-to-let real estate and the cash flows generated is an essential part of planning for retirement. Knowing how many properties you require and how the future cash flow will represent as an income in retirement, is a crucial component to creating financial freedom.

The IGrow Wealth Plan is a comprehensive report that establishes your retirement goal age and desired income and then reviews your current provisions. The next step is to strategically look at buy-to-let real estate to track rental income in addition to future values in traditional investment vehicles as a supplement to your existing retirement provisions.

The IGrow Wealth Plan is the only wealth plan in South Africa that analyses both real estate and existing investment policies to provide a holistic overview, which includes rental income earned on real estate investments. By combining both rental income and funds invested elsewhere, an investor has a more realistic overview and a greater understanding of what is required to achieve your retirement goal.

The fee for the first year is R9 995. Thereafter an annual review fee of R3 495 is applicable if you choose to continue with the bi-annual reviews of your plan.

The fee includes the preparation of the Wealth Plan by a CFP® Professional, a bond finance specialist and a property investment strategist, followed by a consultation to discuss the report. The fee also includes two reviews during the first 12-month period (bi-annual reviews) to ensure you’re still on track with your plan for early retirement. In addition, each client receives an excel spreadsheet to track monthly expenses on a monthly basis.

Yes, an investor can choose to extend the Wealth Plan service offering beyond the first year. This service is charged at R3 495 per year, which includes two reviews during the 12-month period.

IGrow is a group of companies that offer a variety of property investment-related services. There are specialists to assist in structuring the correct property portfolio, finding the right properties, creating the correct investment structures and financial services such as bond originators and accountants to manage the financial aspects of the investment. Some of these services are optional add-ons (a breakdown of the costs can be provided.)

The overall objective of the IGrow Wealth Plan is to help investors plan more strategically so they can retire in a better financial position and achieve financial freedom than they would otherwise be able to achieve by managing their own portfolios. This is possible by working with a team of experts who guide and mentor you to become empowered and also take charge of your own retirement.

This varies case-by-case, however, it is worth noting that many IGrow investors are able to start their property portfolios without any initial cash outlay, through securing 100% bonds. Talk to IGrow Wealth Homeloans to assist you in this regard.

We do have other payment options available. Download our application form, complete it and send it back to us for approval and we will activate your Wealth Plan for you manually.

Have Questions? Not sure if this Wealth Plan is right for you?

Speak to one of our Property Investment Consultants

We will call you back to discuss your questions and showcase the benefits of the IGrow Wealth Plan – Schedule a Free, No-obligation consultation.

Jacques Fouche
CEO, IGrow Wealth Founder, Property Investor and Entrepreneur


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