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Why Property?

The right property at the right price in the right area can set you up for financial freedom!

Why Property Is the Best Investment Choice

Why Property Is the Best Investment Choice

IGrow Wealth Investments aims to prove that any person who is committed to the property investment process is qualified to look after their own money. In fact, by not handing your hard-earned money to a financial institution to manage on your behalf, you can yield returns of three to four times more than large insurance and investment companies traditionally offer.


Property is a Proven Asset Class

“The right property at the right price in the right area can set you up for financial freedom.”

IGrow Wealth equips investors with the knowledge and tools to enable them to take immediate action, while also providing the comprehensive services of the IGrow Wealth team of professionals.

  • Property investment strategists
  • Chartered accountants and tax accountants
  • Trust attorneys
  • Financing strategists
  • Financial planners (authorised and accredited financial advisers)
  • Property management specialists and letting agents
  • Conveyancing attorneys
Will you face financial hardship like 99% of people around the world, or will you lead a life of financial independence and freedom? Will you be living the way you want to and deserve to, doing the things that are really important, like spending time with family and friends?
Ask yourself these questions:
  • What investments do you have at the moment – annuities, a pension fund, some sort of retirement plan, unit trusts, endowment policies?
  • Who is taking care of them?
  • Who is really taking the responsibility?
  • Are these investments truly living up to the promises of the large insurance and investment houses?
  • Are you receiving a 6% to 9% return on investment?
  • What if inflation is 6%, 7% or 8%?
  • Are you still getting the growth that you think you are getting?
Successful investors follow the IGrow Wealth method

Having worked hard for money, the smart thing to do is to get your money to work for you.

And when it comes to your property portfolio, your tenants, the banks, your team of property investment experts and even SARS will be working hard on your behalf. Our professional team offers comprehensive guidance in planning and implementing strategies to build successful property investment portfolios. 

IGrow Wealth shows ordinary South Africans how to retire financially free, by using universal and fundamental investment principals and knowledge.

Getting started is easier than you think

We invite you for a life-changing, free, one-on-one property investment consultation, where we will discuss your financial future and how you can leverage other people’s money, time, effort and experience to work for you in building your buy-to-let property portfolio.

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