Why Attend a Seminar When You Could Read a Book?

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Why spend money and time attending a one-, two- or even three-day ‘talk shop’, when you could glance through a colleague’s copy of the seminar notes? There are some compelling reasons why seminars have taken the world by storm – and a few of them may be quite surprising.

‘There are no risky investments, only risky investors.” These are wise words from Robert Kiyosaki that highlight a fundamental truth, both in property and other investments: knowledge is power. Therefore, risky investors are those without the necessary knowledge. Investors who do have this knowledge hold the power of property in their hands.

Gaining the knowledge

The number one reason for attending a seminar is to gain property investment knowledge. The objective of gaining the knowledge is not that you slavishly follow the advice of one guru. The objective is to transform yourself into a smart, savvy property investor who can operate independently, to help you find your own magic formula.

Yes, you could read the books and magazines to gain the knowledge. And this is important to do, since time and financial constraints may not always allow you to attend regular seminars.

However, a seminar will, in a short space of time, expose you to the expertise of several speakers who are experts in their various fields. It will give you the opportunity to hear what other investors are struggling with, to learn about new solutions, and to remind you of all those fundamental principles you may have forgotten.

Seminars are real-time, up-to-date and interactive, enabling you to move from simply reading information, to lively discussions about strategies, challenges, and solutions. At a seminar, theory is placed in a practical context, where experts dealing with actual issues every day provide case studies, examples, and real-life applications. Dr Dolf de Roos international investor, author and educator  says, ‘Clarity leads to power. A seminar, therefore, is the perfect forum for you to find answers to your questions, even those you may not have thought of asking yet.’

Find out what is really going on

We are all exposed to information overload – newspaper articles, news programmes, social opinions, expert analyses, predictions and opinions. Attending a seminar allows you to cut through this information overload by meeting the most respected experts in one room, on one occasion, to talk about only the relevant issues.

Attending a seminar is also a great way of venturing out of your own world and finding out what is going on elsewhere in the property investment arena. At the recent Dolf de Roos seminar, hosted by Real Estate Investor Magazine in Johannesburg, the issue of being unable to raise finance was a popular topic. What emerged, from both presenters and attendees was that there are investors who are managing to secure bonds in clever and unusual ways. These creative solutions will not be found in a book, magazine or in seminar notes. But they are solutions that work, and only the few hundred delegates who attended that seminar now know how to use these techniques.


As Dolf jokingly says about seminars: ‘You will not get coffee or lunch when you buy a book.’ But his underlying message is one of those secrets that every successful investor knows: the importance of networking. At a seminar, you have the rare opportunity of being in a room filled with people who have the same objective as you do. Out of, say, 250 people, it is highly probable that at least one, if not half of them, will be able to help you in some way. Perhaps they know the answer to a question you have. Perhaps they own exactly the property you are looking for.Perhaps they have identified the same opportunity that you have, and are desperately looking for a partner, just as you may be. Perhaps a delegate has money to invest, but does not have the time or expertise that you have. Perhaps another delegate has both the expertise and the time to make your investment strategy work.

Making seminars work for you

‘You will find what you look for’ is another piece of great advice from Dolf. If you attend a seminar with the right attitude and take the action required to meet people, discover opportunities and get the answers you need, you will find what you are looking for.

‘Hang with people who lift you higher,’ says Dolf. If the negativity of the media and the business world is starting to dampen your enthusiasm, get to a seminar! You will leave inspired by the success stories of others, and refreshed from hearing, again, why you are in the property investment game.

You can make seminars really work for you. And if you do, we can guarantee that you will become hooked on this phenomenal resource for property investors.

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