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IGrow Wealth Homeloans

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IGrow Wealth Homeloans is part of the IGrow Group of Companies and offers comprehensive financial solutions for your property purchasing requirements.

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Introducing IGrow Wealth Homeloans

IGrow Wealth Homeloans helps you find your home loan solution by assuring that you get the best possible financing deal from the banks, as well as assisting South African home buyers to master every stage of the home buying process.

Provides professional financing advice and are experts at obtaining bonds.

IGrow Wealth Homeloans provides a holistic approach to acquiring the best home loan deals for you and your family by saving you time and money. 

IGrow Wealth Homeloans is part of the IGrow Group of Companies and offers comprehensive financial solutions that include home loans, life insurance, specialist property investor financing, short-term insurance and strategic financing one-on-one consultation through its various companies.

Meet the Bonds & Financing team

The following key professionals manage IGrow Wealth Homeloans:

Madelein Kottnitz IGrow Wealth Homeloans Manager

Madelein is one of the best bond originators and financing specialists in South Africa. She leads the bond team and oversees the financing procedures and investors’ bond applications.

Our Bond team includes the following role players:

We can get your bond at a lower interest rate which could mean hundreds of thousands of rands in savings. In our experience, when you compare multiple bank offers side-by-side, their interest rates typically vary by 0.5% – sometimes more – so shopping around will ensure the banks compete for your deal.   

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Supply us with your supporting documents and we will assess your income and expenses before submitting your application to the banks.


We will negotiate with the banks on your behalf to get you the best deal we can. We’ll then present all the quotes and approvals in principle to you.

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We will help you to choose the best offer for you. Once you’ve accepted an offer, we’ll take it from there, and you can relax in the knowledge that your financing is secured.

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Our purpose is to offer the best in every service associated with being a home loan provider. These services cover the full spectrum of home ownership and home financing – from origination and credit approval through to registration and ongoing loan servicing.

Here are eight great reasons to use IGrow’s bond originators:

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The IGrow Group of Companies has positioned itself as the top service provider and Property Investment company in South Africa. Having educated over 80 000 clients and assisted 5 000 investors in building wealth through property.We are committed to educating, advising and guiding our investors every step of the way and our HelloPeter reviews showcase the results and service excellence we provide to our clients.

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