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Trust Focus specialises in property investments, asset protection and estate planning, by implementing trusts as well as corporate and commercial structures. Pimroperly administered trust and company structures provide for optimised tax benefits, wealth creation and risk mitigation.

A trust creates a separate entity that is allowed to own assets and through the trustees, transact in its own name.

Our aim at Trust Focus is for investors to control all their wealth in trusts and company structures, rather than to own assets in their personal capacities. The objective for investors is to ensure financial freedom and more importantly, to enjoy peace of mind while creating and protecting their hard-earned money, ultimately leaving a legacy for their loved ones.

Trust Focus is always at the forefront of our industry and is continually looking for more strategic and comprehensive solutions for our business owners, property investors and entrepreneurial clients.

Trust Focus

Trust Focus

Trust Education, Trust Law, Trust and Business Structures, Trust Administration, Estate and Tax Planning.

IGrow Wealth Investments

IGrow Wealth Investments

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