These 4 Things Create a “Perfect” Living Room, According to Real Estate Agents

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While it’s usually said that the kitchen is the go-to room in the house for, basically, everything, we think it’s actually the living room where the real living happens. So what makes a living room fabulous? Here, four features that real estate agents know separate a so-so space from one you’ll want to spend every extra minute in.

It has a flexible layout

“An ideal living room is one that can change and grow with you,” says Marilyn Blume, a real estate agent at Warburg Realty in New York City. “Having an open space with no load-bearing columns within the room cutting off the flow is also ideal. This enables you to fully utilize the space without anything getting in the way.”

It has enough room to create “zones”

“Most people put their TV on the largest wall, the sofa across from that and fit the rest of the furniture where they can,” says Shawn Breyer, owner of Sell My House Fast Chattanooga in Tennessee. “However, if you have a large living room, you don’t want guests yelling across the room just to converse. Instead, break the furniture up to create conversation groups where there can be multiple conversations going on in the room without interruption.”

It’s not a perfect square

“With an ‘L’ shaped living room you get added complexity to the space that a rectangular box doesn’t provide,” says Jeremy Wiggins, an agent at Bohemia Realty Group in New York City. “That extra space is perfect for an eating area, reading nook, or a place to put that Baby Grand Steinway. In a pinch, it can even be walled-in to create a small second bedroom.”

It has architectural character

“Details such as a beamed ceiling, exposed brick, and a decorative fireplace can do wonders for a room,” Wiggins says. “Built-ins also add so much to the room, whether they take the form of bookcases, window casements, or built-in china cabinets.”


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