The professional IGrow Wealth team assists investors to research, identify, structure, finance, acquire and manage top-performing residential investment properties.

The IGrow Wealth team of property specialists have a successful track record of helping thousands of investors build strong and viable property portfolios.

Jacques Fouché

CEO, IGrow Wealth Founder, Property Investor and Entrepreneur

The IGrow Property Investor Group was founded in 2006. Jacques is a successful property investor, entrepreneur, public speaker and author of several property investment articles and publications. "We give our investors the tools, knowledge and peace of mind to start a buy-to-let business and to make property investment the cornerstone of their pension fund for early and carefree retirement."

Property Investment Specialists

Our experienced team has successfully guided many investors to financial freedom through offering bespoke property investment services.
Trust & Accounting Team

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Trust & Accounting

Trustfocus specialises in property investments, asset protection and estate planning, by implementing trusts as well as corporate and commercial structures.
Trust & Accounting Team

Trust & Accounting Team
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Bonds & Financing

Provides professional financing advice and is an expert at obtaining multiple bonds.
Trust & Accounting Team

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Rental Management

Rental management of buy-to-let investment residential property.
Trust & Accounting Team

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Digital Marketing

Business Growth strategists specialising in online marketing.
IGrow Digital

Justin Abrahamse

CEO of IGrow Digital Marketers

Our aim is to design and develop innovative, elegant and usable interfaces for various platforms, focusing on results, conversions and user experience. IGrow Digital Marketers is a creative, SEO & Digital Marketing agency in Cape Town. Justin’s team consists of Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Social Media Strategists, Paid Advertisers, Content Writers and other marketing specialities.

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