First-Time property investors
Property investors need to invest in themselves first, by equipping themselves with the necessary knowledge, tools and universal principals advocated by the IGrow Property Investment Club. This will empower them to maximise their investment properties and money while avoiding the potential pitfalls.

IGrow helps first-time investors make prudent, strategic decisions from the start, by establishing clear goals and objectives that ensure multiple property acquisitions over time. This leads to financial independence and a carefree retirement. For seasoned investors wishing to expand their portfolio, IGrow Wealth advises they consult with a property investment specialist to assist with the finer aspects of tax efficiency, structuring and future financing prospects of their portfolio. IGrow’s aim is to add substantial value, by implementing innovative expansion, consolidation and risk mitigation strategies to give the investor’s portfolio optimum performance.
Pre-Retirement Property Investment
Buy-to-let property is one of the best low-risk capital protection vehicles available to investors while still enjoying capital appreciation, which makes it a sound pre-retirement strategy. It can produce substantial capital plus rental income growth both before and after retirement. Any buy-to-let income can, as a minimum, be linked to the inflation rate, plus the nature of the property will show positive real capital growth. It can also generate an income that is greater or equivalent to the inflation rate, making it an extremely attractive investment.

Investors approaching retirement may consider a buy-to-let portfolio to be an ineffective and administratively intensive asset class. It may also be considered too risky. However, if these investors are properly informed, have easy and effective solutions for risk mitigation and strategies for proper management, a buy-to-let portfolio can be much more lucrative and a less risky retirement vehicle than traditional pension or provident retirement fund plans. IGrow Wealth specialises in these investment strategies.
Experienced Property Investors
We help advanced or high net worth property investors implement multiple tax, financing, structuring and property tax incentives to grow and optimise their current portfolios. We acquire and manage their portfolios while fine-tuning their financing for additional property acquisition. These busy investors have peace of mind knowing that a team of highly qualified, street-smart specialists are taking charge of their portfolio every step of the way while minimising potential financial risks.

When Members choose to work with IGrow they have the confidence of knowing that they are collaborating with a team of professionals who have created substantial wealth for South Africans since 2006.
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