What are the
Benefits of a trust?

Our primary goal is to get all our clients to own nothing, because if you own nothing there is nothing to lose.

Estate Planning

One of the primary advantages of a living trust is that it offers you tax-efficient management and control of assets both now and also after your death. The growth in your estate is “pegged” and the value will increase in the trust. A trust creates an entity that owns assets outside your personal estate, consequently excluding these assets from estate duty.

Taxes and costs up to as much as 35% can be saved through proper structuring, as an individual would be liable for the following costs and taxes upon death:

  • Estate Duty (20% of estate).
  • Capital Gains Tax (16,4%).
  • Executor's fees (at 3,99% of the gross estate). This is a particularly unnecessary and avoidable tax. Executor's fees are calculated on the gross value of an estate and deducted before any other expenses.
  • Conveyancing fees on immovable property.
A trust will ensure uninterrupted access to capital and income after the death of an individual. Bank accounts and cash reserves of the trust will not be frozen during the winding up of the individual's estate, which can take as much as two years.

Risk Planning

Through proper structuring, protection of assets against creditors can be achieved.
The major risk categories are:

  • Financial risk
  • Business risk
  • Personal risk
  • Family/divorce risk

Leaving a Legacy

A trust is an entity that will outlast you and does not terminate even after your passing (unless decided by the trustees). It can, therefore, own properties and assets for generations, and then pass this portfolio of assets to the next of kin or heirs, tax free.

There are many tax advantages to properly structured trusts. Please contact us for tax structuring advice based on your personal needs.


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