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Investment Philosophy

Our experienced team has successfully guided many investors to financial freedom, through offering bespoke property investment services. Catering for all kinds of investors, from first-timers to those with portfolios worth millions of rand, we offer a unique service, enabling individuals to purchase property that is pre-negotiated. This allows for hands-off investment from day one.

Our unparalleled service ensures that prospective investors are given a free one-on-one consultation with a member of our expert property investment team. We’ll evaluate your investment objectives and present you with a carefully chosen selection of buy-to-let opportunities that are tailored to your needs.

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Investment Education

Through each step of the IGrow Wealth process, we strive to educate our investors about wealth creation and wealth protection. We assist IGrow investors to make informed, factual and objective decisions about securing and creating property portfolios for their retirement.

Investment Strategy

IGrow Wealth helps investors to develop clear and specific objectives that are appropriate for their age, lifestyle, personal financial situation and their appetite for risk. This process includes free property investment seminars, where we explain property acquisition strategies, financing, rental management, wealth creation, wealth protection and trust structures for long-term investment purposes.

Investment Properties

IGrow Wealth identifies properties that should provide their investors with the best return possible, acquires them and manages them on behalf of our investors. These are strategically chosen specifically to yield the best possible rental income and growth potential for our investors.

Investment Finance

IGrow Wealth Homeloans assist investors in obtaining multiple bonds as well as refinancing applications. As part of your investment strategy, we will ensure the necessary financing structures are set up - such as trusts or companies - to protect your investment and help it to grow.

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Are you interested in property investing but unsure where to start? Our free property investment seminars are the best way to get an introduction to the market or, if you are already an experienced investor, to provide you with a good refresher.

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Why you should attend one of our property investment seminars

  • Show you ways to increase future wealth through property.
  • Get SARS to finance and fund your residential buy to let property portfolio
  • Discover our unique breakthrough strategies of financing multiple investment properties