IGrow Property Investment Seminars

The IGrow Property Seminar

There is only so much that we are able to put in writing. It is for this reason that we offer Seminars to provide a far more engaging and pro-active insight into the business ideas and investment strategies that are offered by us at IGrow Wealth Investments.

There are no obligations attached to these Seminars and the wealth of knowledge that you can potentially gain by attending one should stand alone as an alluring and powerful incentive to attend.


During the seminar:

  • We will show you how and where to start.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of investing in property.
  • Unique refinancing and other investment strategies.
  • How to calculate ROI (Return on Investment)
  • How to analyse and compare properties before you buy.
  • Where to buy, what to buy and how to structure your deal.
  • In which entities to buy.
  • To plan conservatively for the long term and short term.
  • How to build a team of professionals around you to assist you with contracts, finance and all property related matters.
  • How to use the bank’s money and build a massive property portfolio.
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Seminars presented by:

  • Jacques Fouchè
    CEO of IGrow Wealth Investments
  • Louis Koen
    Bond Originator
  • Craig Brophy


Join us for a life changing opportunity…