Distressed Property Seminar

IGrow Wealth offers its Platinum and Gold members the opportunity to invest in distressed properties.

"There are large returns that can be made through investing in distressed properties: IGrow will reveal how!"

Investors can hold an investment stake in any category or price range that suits their specific goals.


28 Hella cr, Durbanville

11 Overbosch Close, West Beach

11 Lazior Rd Brackenfell

26 Remmington Close, Kuilsriver

15 Fish Eagle Rd, Langeberg Ridge

B11 Central Square, Parklands

Market Value

R1 350 000

R900 000

R700 000

R575 000

R1 230 000

R 450 000

Investor Bought For

R851 000

R451 000

R479 000

R350 000

R581 000

R191 000

As illustrated above, IGrow investors are able to buy Distressed properties below market value. This incredible opportunity is perfect for investors who want to kick start their property investment portfolio, or for those looking to expand existing portfolios in the current market.

IGrow knows that real estate will be the most secure and profitable investment in the long term. Banks are prepared to write-off a certain percentage in order to dispose of these properties. This is where investors are able to benefit from IGrow expertise.

What will be discussed during your personal consultation:

  • Step by step approach in procuring and purchasing the most profitable Distressed properties, putting the investor 5-7 years ahead of a traditional purchase
  • How to secure immediate equity in your existing properties
  • How to achieve a rental income as high as 70 % – 100 % of your bond repayment
  • How to build a property portfolio with distressed properties
  • Detailed strategy of how to optimally plan and structure your property portfolio for tax purposes
  • Determining the exact acquisition costs of the property, auctioneers commission, outstanding rates, taxes, deposit, transfer fees etc. to eliminate any surprise
  • How to set up a preferred entity for asset protection and tax benefits
  • How to acquire financing from the respective financial institutions at the best interest rates
  • How to gear the equity in your property after your purchase for the acquisition of other properties – deposits, shortfalls or costs
  • Why are the banks much more lenient and a lot less stringent on investors buying at distressed properties?
  • Why should all the risk factors and potential hidden costs be calculated prior to purchase?

How does IGrow secure your Distressed Property Purchase?

  • We do a comparative market analysis (CMA) and deeds search on the specific property.
  • We also draw historical capital growth statistics from SAPTG to determine the historic capital growth in the area over the last 5 years.
  • IGrow will ascertain how much the bank is willing to write off on a specific property.
  • We assist you with the resale of your property.
  • Assistance in tenanting the property and the relevant property administration and letting to be done by an accredited letting agent.
  • IGrow can also assist by referring you to some excellent renovation teams, if the need for renovation would arise.
  • IGrow will provide you with a holistic Distressed Property buying service for peace of mind – from the day you see our consultants until the day your tenant takes occupation.

Will you make Money?

Because we focus on 3 key determining investment criteria:

  • Equity – difference between purchase price and market value immediately available as we will register a maximum bond and this is your insurance policy for any unforeseen events
  • Rental factor – difference between bond repayments and rental income
  • Break even point – when bond repayments are equivalent to rental income received which should not be more than 1-3 years (we have had transactions which broke even on date of registration)

We will prove to you that when buying Reserved Distressed Properties and insolvent estates (executors), properties in possession (PIP) sometimes turn out not to be the bargain that many people want you to believe and it could even be costly. Do you know all the pitfalls?

"We specialize in buying repossessed properties at sheriff distressed properties and have a step-by-step approach in the procurement of repossessed properties."