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Even though the business landscape becomes ever-more challenging, top-performing companies are still experiencing growth and profit. But what’s their secret? The revolutionary influence of SEO.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, refers to the way a website is designed to perform better in search results, without which businesses may find it difficult to appear on search engines most commonly used by their customers, like Google. Without effective SEO that actively propels a website up the search engine rankings, any other money and effort spent on a website are often wasted.


Local SEO is more technical and highly effective and allows local businesses to promote their services at the exact time customers are looking for that type of business. It uses search engines and business directories to rank higher in local results and appear as a credible source when customers are looking to purchase that business’s products or services.

The best result of SEO is that it generates traffic that you’re not paying for after an initial investment. Producing content that is educational and relevant is one of the best practices of local SEO. A great blog post that ranks at the top of a Google search will continue to bring in traffic day after day. High-quality content that is frequently posted increases credibility and builds trust between your site and search engines. This leads to a higher organic search engine ranking. Studies show that being within the top four results on the first page of search results can lead to 50% more traffic to your website.

And best of all, Google loves local businesses. This is because Google strives to provide its users with the most relevant, helpful results – therefore it becomes smarter in tailoring results to meet users’ needs, which usually means localised results.

What are the main benefits of implementing local SEO effectively?

  1. The majority of business’s customers (at least 60%) use search engines to find local businesses. If a business is not getting listed in customers’ searches then those businesses are missing out on more than half of all their potential customers.
  1. It’s highly targeted and timely, allowing businesses to connect with their customers when the customers are looking for them.
  1. Mobile internet usage is on the increase and local SEO can help convert this usage into customers.
  1. Because of local SEO’s strategic approach, customers are able to find the information they are looking for, which leads to businesses benefitting from a great return on investment.

Without SEO your business will struggle to be found through searches. Actively optimising your website is one of the best ways to rise above your competition to the top of the search results. To use SEO to grow your business it is worthwhile working with an experienced internet marketing company who will:

  • Analyse your competitors
  • Identify the key phrases and words to rank
  • Optimise your website titles, meta tags and content

SEO allows for a potentially incredible return on a relatively small initial investment when executed properly.

So, where to from here?

Local SEO is anticipated to have an ever-increasing influence on marketing efforts in the future. This is to be expected, given that the use of mobile devices is projected to continue growing at a rapid rate in the years ahead. Also, the local business scene will only become more competitive, with new businesses cropping up daily. And with more options out there, businesses need to find a way to drive customers to their own site instead of losing them to competitors.

Your customers have options. IGrow Digital Marketers can help them choose you!

We are an experienced and talented team of passionate marketing strategists who live and breathe SEO. Our South African SEO team of marketers includes technical leads, creative’s, writers, designers and developers. Contact IGrow Digital Marketers today to discuss how we can make SEO work for you. Call us on 021 979 2501 or email

Justin Abrahamse

Justin Abrahamse

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