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Online marketing has become a highly competitive arena. It’s no longer enough to simply be great at writing in order to succeed. It is, of course, crucial to be producing excellent content, but you need to have a plan how to maximise its reach and impact.

Make sure your content marketing fits with your marketing campaign

If you strategise beyond just creating a piece of content, but rather plan for it to dovetail with your existing marketing strategy, this approach will yield better results.

An example is carefully using keywords, graphics or embedded video content in your article that supports your SEO strategy.

Think beyond the written wordcontent-is-king-1132259_1920

There’s more to content marketing than a blog. Yes, it’s a key component of your overall strategy, but you have to think more broadly than your blog.

The king of content marketing is undoubtedly video. It’s easy to understand why – it’s more passive and entertaining, requiring less energy from the consumer than reading does. And, with the rise of YouTube and the introduction of video to various popular social media platforms social media (Instagram, Twitter and the like), if you have a short and engaging video clip you’re bound to reach your audience. There is data to support the claim that those who market via video earn nearly 50% more revenue than those who don’t.

For those that don’t have the technical know-how to produce a great video, or simply feel they have a face for radio, podcasts are a great alternative! All you need is a mic and some audio editing software to create a high-quality podcast.

Use different promotional channels

You have to be consistent in order for your content to perform at its peak – not just in the sense of posting on a regular basis, but in the type of language and tone you use as well. A style guide can be a useful tool here. It creates a sense of synergy and, ultimately, that you can be relied upon for quality content.

Next, you have to reach out to people, through the channels they are accessing. That may be through the various social media platforms or by way of an email marketing strategy. This is a great method for promoting your content, as it can be personal (in that your subscribers receive content that is of interest to them, sent directly to their inbox.) Include a clickable link for your readers to subscribe to receive regular newsletters or alerts when your website is updated.

Talking of your website – keep it fresh and regularly go back through older content and cull any articles that have become outdated or superfluous. For example, an article speculating about a rise in interest rates that, when the time came didn’t actually happen, is not going to mean anything to anyone. Keep your content current – don’t run the risk of misinforming your readers, as you will lose credibility, and with it your audience.

Also, keep an eye on what content gets the most readership – this could be most useful when trying to think of future topics!


Well-written, on-point content is no longer enough on its own to be profitable. It has to be integrated into your overall marketing campaign, and distributed through various innovative channels to reach your desired audience, and really connect with them.

To profit from your content marketing spend as much time promoting it as you do creating it.

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Justin Abrahamse

Justin Abrahamse

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