Buy-To-Let Investments

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The phrase buy-to-let can refer either to the investment strategy of buying a residential property to be let for profit;

Or to a particular category of mortgage used to purchase a property for letting. As for all property rental the benefits for a buy-to-let landlord can include a stable income from rental receipts, as well as an accumulation of wealth if house prices go up over time.

For many years landlords have invested in residential property to be let for profit, but since the mid-nineties there has been a rapid growth in the property market leading to a surge in demand for rental property. IGrow Wealth will, through our seminars, show you how to invest wisely in buy-to-let property in the South African residential market. A buy-to-let property is for investment purposes, rather than to live in yourself.

The term buy-to-let was coined in 1995 as a marketing badge for a financial investment initiative launched by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), although this type of lending had existed for many years.

We at IGrow Wealth Investments will aid you with mortgage finance or the refinance of a residential home, and will provide you with the knowledge and tools, such as our Property Analysis Manager, to identify and realise successful property investments.

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Jacques Fouche

Jacques Fouche

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