Welcome to the IGrow Financial Adviser Platform for financial advisers. I hope this will be your stepping stone to partnering with one of South Africa’s leading property investment groups, the IGrow Group of Companies, and helping your clients build their property portfolios.

The IGrow Group of Companies is a property investment services organisation that operates in the buy-to-let residential real estate market. Our purpose is to help property investors create, grow and protect their wealth through property investment, so they can achieve financial freedom during retirement and leave a legacy to their loved ones. We educate and coach property investors to help them strategically build sustainable and profitable buy-to-let property portfolios.

The IGrow Financial Adviser Platform is an exclusive one-stop service for financial advisers to create wealth for their investors by helping them build buy-to-let portfolios.

Our aim is to provide investment diversification and exposure for financial advisers. By partnering with IGrow, advisers will be able to add investment property - namely direct property ownership in the buy-to-let market - as an option to their clients. This alternative investment vehicle, not traditionally available through financial advisers will allow their clients to create passive income and capital growth through their property portfolio.

IGrow is looking to partner with talented and competent individuals. This financial planning platform allows you to take the IGrow value proposition to your clients.

More than ever South Africans need professional assistance with financial planning. The right people to provide that much-needed assistance are qualified and accredited financial advisers.

Buy-to-let investment property should be incorporated as an alternative investment option to allow your clients to achieve their dreams and life goals.

Unfortunately, these advisers have not previously had the opportunity to offer their clients end-to-end buy-to-let investment properties and services as part of the proposed investment vehicles.

Through the IGrow Financial Adviser Platform financial planners’ clients will have exclusive access to top-performing and below market value buy-to-let investment opportunities.

Financial planners’ clients will be guided every step of the way by our top property investment team and other IGrow business strategists.

Financial planners are provided with product training as well as full marketing support through our internal digital agency.

The IGrow Financial Adviser Platform is aimed at partnering with outstanding, talented and qualified Certified Financial Planners and financial planners who possess the necessary requirements to meet our qualifying criteria.

We need talented financial advisers to drive our vision of sustained growth within our distribution channels, creating an exciting opportunity for financial advisers to pursue.

This is why we seek to partner with independent financial advisers and financial service business owners who are passionate about buy-to-let investment property and helping their clients achieve financial freedom.  

Sound advice for property investors - investing in buy-to-let real estate

Few understand the unique challenges property investors are faced with the way IGrow does. Through our platform designed for financial planners, the IGrow Group offers a range of services uniquely designed to make your clients lives as a property investor simpler. This, in turn, helps you to work smarter, add more value and earn more fees than through the traditional retirement products offered.

IGrow provides direct ownership of residential investment real estate to your clients, so they can build a profitable property investment portfolio in conjunction with a diversified traditional retirement product offering.

The IGrow business model caters for an independent association within the IGrow Group. The IGrow Financial Adviser Platform was created with the aim to relieve the burden of common challenges faced by property investors by providing a tailor-made, all-inclusive comprehensive property investment service to new and experienced property investors.

The resulting individual portfolio is designed to achieve passive income and capital growth, outpacing inflation to ensure a prolonging of investment funds at retirement.

With over 12 years of hard-earned experience, we have developed a unique business model suitable for both independent brokers and financial service business owners.

The IGrow business model caters for an independent association with the IGrow Group.

The IGrow Financial Adviser Platform was created with the aim to relieve the burden of common challenges faced by property investors by providing a tailor-made, all-inclusive comprehensive property investment service to new and experienced property investors.

This portfolio is designed to achieve passive income and capital growth, outpacing inflation to ensure a prolonging of investment funds at retirement.

Independent associates can make use of the IGrow facilities via their IGrow property investment strategist (aka their business consultant.)

As there are different service offerings within the IGrow Group, the allocated property investment strategists will act as business advisers and will request other specialists within the group to assist where necessary.

Although associates essentially continue to function as independent FSPs, they can make use of the IGrow distribution platform, which includes:

  1. 1 Property investment wealth planning – The IGrow Wealth Plan
  2. 2 Investor bond origination and financing - contracts with RMB, Investec, Absa, Standard Bank, Nedbank, FNB and SA Home Loans
  3. 3 Trust and company creation, including full administration and fiduciary services
  4. 4 Chartered accountants – property tax specialists
  5. 5 Full rental management and administration
  6. 6 Maintenance of the rental property
  7. 7 Investment buy-to-let opportunities


If you are interested in becoming an IGrow Independent Associate, simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch shortly.