How to Invest in Property in South Africa

PROPERTY Investment for beginners

1. How Do I Make a Successful Property Investment

Have you ever wondered how some investors are making enormous amounts of money in real estate and seemingly always get it right? If so, watch these videos to find out the secrets of a successful property investor.

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2. Secret of rich property investors?

Use tax laws and incentives to your advantage when starting your property portfolio. In fact it may make you rich in the process. 

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3. What makes property investors rich?

Many property investors wonder if the true value of their portfolio lies in capital growth or rental income. Ultimately, what do you think is more important to your property portfolio?  

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4. 7 fundamentals to property investing

In order to maintain a successful property portfolio, you should always remember seven key rules. These include implementing a financing and refinancing strategy, for instance. 

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5. Starting Your Financial Freedom

This perfect business has created millionaires around the world. Therefore, it is designed for those who believe enough in their dreams and their own personal financial freedom.

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6. The 4 Stages Of Property Investment

Smart investors know they need to create capital to create cash flow. This means you will have a passive income which contributes towards your retirement. 

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7. Triple R Principle of investing

Follow these three simple steps and build a multi-million rand asset base. Ultimately, this will let you live the lifestyle you have earned and deserve.  

Covered In this property investment course:

This is a seven part video series which aims to assist new property investors.
How to Invest in Property: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

The IGrow team’s key objective is to help ordinary South Africans attain financial freedom through property investing.
This is achieved by providing the best possible residential properties, together with innovative wealth protection.


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