Get your home showhouse ready in a dozen quick and easy steps

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Preparing and staging your home to be shown may seem like a daunting task, but below are 12 simple things you can do (or hire professionals to do for you) to help you get your home looking as appealing as possible to potential buyers.


  1. Bring in a professional cleaning company

Find a company that is able to do a thorough, deep clean before your house goes on the market. It may even be necessary to bring them in for a few lighter maintenance cleans – depending on how long it takes to sell your house.) Get a company who will also professionally clean the carpets too – this can end up saving you money as sometimes all a carpet needs is a good clean, rather than being replaced.


  1. Touch up the paintwork

Depending on when you last painted it may not be necessary to repaint the entire house. During the deep clean any scuff marks should get cleaned up. Go room to room and touch up any scraped or chipped paint – and remember to check outside too if you don’t live in a sectional title unit. If you have any rooms or walls that are painted in bright colours it’s a good idea to change them to a neutral.


  1. Do those little odd jobs you’ve been meaning to for ages

When you own a home there are always a few small things that you need to do, like oiling squeaky hinges or fixing a door or window that is a bit stiff. You don’t want to first impression of your home to be a front door that squeaks or that you have to shoulder the door in order to open it!


  1. Declutter

Everywhere. Take some time to go through each room in your apartment or house and get rid of anything you don’t need anymore (which will also make packing up to move one day easier). Not only will this automatically make things easier to keep looking orderly, but the less stuff you have around the home the less there is to keep clean for showings. And when considering what ornaments to pack away and what to display, simplicity is key. When getting your house ready to show, use only a few statement pieces to keep spaces as uncluttered as possible.


  1. Consider the artwork

I’m sure you love the gallery of family collages and pictures of your holidays together. But remember that the buyer needs to be able to picture themselves living there.  You don’t need to remove every family picture, but consider putting most of them away and keeping only one or two family portraits Use beautiful, simple pieces of artwork to fill some of the blank spaces created by ‘de-portraiting’ your home.


  1. Add some plants

Greenery can instantly freshen up a room and make it visually pleasing. Of course, the need to water and the potential mess if a plant is knocked over is a consideration. Faux foliage is perfectly acceptable and easier in the long run.


  1. Splash out on high-quality white towels

Even if you don’t use them (yet) and just keep them for show days, gorgeous bright white towels take any bathroom to the next level. Think of the bathrooms you’ve seen in hotels or magazines – the luxurious white towels add a touch of class. Plus you’ll be able to use them after you move house!


  1. Make the house smell amazing

They say baking a loaf of bread is the best way to create inviting aromas in your house.  But it’s not always a terribly practical solution.  However, it is a good idea to get rid of any bad smells (like drains) and if you have a chance, consider brewing a fresh pot of coffee before the showing begins.


  1. Clean up after the kids

When you have little kids you get used to a level of mess, especially when it comes to their toys.  But viewers will not necessarily be so understanding. Bin, boxes and baskets are your answer here. A basket full of teddies is preferable to them lying all over the floor. Rope the kids in to help tidy up after themselves if they’re old enough.


  1. Keep the kitchen clean

The kitchen will be the biggest selling point for a lot of homes.  That doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune having it renovated. But do keep it looking its best: wash dirty dishes and pack them away, keep countertops free of clutter and wipe them down, and keep the floor clean.


  1. Make sure the beds are neatly made

It’s tempting to not bother making the beds, especially if you’re running late in the morning. But an unmade bed is a real eyesore and can make an otherwise lovely space feel uninviting. It doesn’t have to be a long process, just make sure the coverings are straight and the pillows fluffed and voila!


  1. Get the garden seen to

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a garden, make sure it’s looking its best for the show day. Weed, mulch, a few flowers and remove dry leaves and dead foliage to create ‘curb appeal’.


With a little effort and elbow grease, selling your house can be a breeze – and all that effort can pay off in a real sense, by helping you secure a higher price.


IGrow Real Estate, which is part of the IGrow Group (SA’s leading property investment group), is able to advise and assist sellers with marketing their homes for sale. Contact our consultants for free valuations or if you would like to sell your property.

Chrisle Jooste

Chrisle Jooste

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