Let SARS pay for your Property Portfolio

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Investment Tax How Much SARS Will Take of Your ProfitsThere are many ways to minimise tax within your property portfolio, but no tax incentive comes close to the impact Section 13 sex of the income tax act can have on your tax savings.

I have created an informative webinar on how Section 13 sex works, and how you can benefit from SARS, effectively saving you hundreds of thousands (and even in some cases millions) by reducing your tax, reducing your shortfalls and subsidising your shortfalls in your property portfolio.

Be proactive and leverage SARS for massive cash flow and accelerate the growth in your portfolio for many years to come.

I explain how the numbers work in the video. Devote 11 minutes of your time and you will learn what 99% of property investors wish they knew.

You will find out about the four broad requirements with which your properties must comply to qualify, and how you to can create a legacy by leveraging SARS, the banks as well as other people’s time, money and experience for your financial gain.

You truly can create a magnificent lifestyle and the financial security that you desire through investing in property, but you have to do it the smart way. The best way to do this is to build a team of property investment experts around you, who understand how to use SARS to your advantage, to fund the majority of you expenses in your portfolio – if not all of them.

It has taken me more than a decade to create the perfect team around me, and now you can monopolise the same IGrow team. Make use of all their knowledge and practical, street-smart experience to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

You are welcome to make contact with one of our highly qualified property investment strategists on 021 979 2501 if you want to take your property portfolio to the next level.

Hope you enjoy the video, and I would love to hear your feedback.

Invest strategically, invest intelligently and become financially free.

Make it happen.

Jacques Fouché