Four Investment Pointers for Beginners

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Getting a firm foothold on the investment realm can pay dividends by bringing in some fantastic returns. If your finances are well maintained and you keep debt on a leash, you should definitely consider investing. If you have never done so before, this could be mind boggling. However, these investment pointers for beginners could be very useful.

1. Ask Yourself the Right Questions

You need to know why you are investing, what sort of time-scale you are using and how serious you are about this venture. You also need to know what sort of risks you can take without the consequences being too detrimental. By following the right sequence of events one can dramatically increase the speed and timeframe for achieving your financial objectives. Our simple 3 step process will bring you closer to financial independence

2. Start ASAP

Even if you have a little bit of money that you can set aside, allocate it for investment purposes. While your investment discourse will not always be smooth sailing, an individual who starts investing at an early age is more likely to make more money than a person who invests at a later stage because of the compounding rates of the return.

3. Choose the Correct Advisor

Seek out a legit and great… no scratch that… fantastic advisor. They would obviously have a more trained and critical eye with regards to investing. The advisor should be obviously registered and be in good standing with relevant associations. IGrow Wealth team of specialists assist investors to research, identify, structure, finance, acquire and manage top performing residential investment properties all over South-Africa.

4. Educate Yourself

Knowledge is power so make the effort to familiarise yourself with basic investing principles and terminology. This enables you to enter a new realm without your blinkers. It also allows you to make more informed decisions.

We invite you to attend our upcoming Property Investment Seminars – hosted Country wide, where we educate average South Africans on how they can Build a Multi-Million Rand Property Portfolio.

Find out how you too can create positive cash flow from day one and how to replace your current salary in 5 to 15 years from now…

We teach both beginner investors and experienced investors how to successfully, intelligently & profitably invest in property and build a sustainable, tax free portfolio.

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