Choosing the right surface painting for a space

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Deciding which surface painting to use in the different areas of your home can be a difficult decision to make. There are many factors to consider including colour, function and finish.

An important factor to take into consideration is the sometimes harsh climactic conditions of South Africa and how this may affect your choice when it comes to surface painting options and which will best serve the intended purpose. Here are some tips to help you choose the Paintcor products best suited for different situations and needs of a space from trusted specialised paint manufacturers.

Choosing the right surface painting for a space

The bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom you don’t want any cracks or mould forming from the wet conditions of the room. If this has already occurred be sure to treat the growth of any unwanted substances with an anti-bacterial surface steriliser which will kill any contaminants caused by the damp conditions. This is common in humid climates, especially in rooms that are known for accumulating moisture through its use. Ushevu will kill and eliminate the presence of all:

  • Bacteria
  • Yeasts
  • Fungi
  • Algae

Once you have dealt with the growth of any unwanted guests you are ready to treat your bathroom walls with a surface painting. Making use of a multi-function AquaSeal saturator and an AquaSeal top coat will act as water and damp proofing and a functional wall coating, especially when at least four coats of the product are applied. This four-coat system ensures your bathroom is well prepped for anything including poor ventilation. AquaSeal performs exceptionally well with bathrooms that have moisture problems.

Choosing the right surface painting for a space

The kitchen

The use of a multifunctional surface coat for the kitchen will save you the hassle when it comes to how water- and stain-proof the surface painting you use is. A kitchen needs a paint product that will lend itself well to this high-traffic space and the activities that frequently take place within it. Enduracoat is highly resistant to stains, steam, water and mar. It can even be used on primed metal surfaces.

Eduracoat is an ultra-tough non-drip enamel, which spreads like butter and decorates and protects everything from walls, doors, inside of cupboards and window frames. This means that redecorating your kitchen can all be done with one product, wooden surfaces included. With a semi-gloss silky finish, which can easily be washed, and a seven-year indoor use guarantee, this surface painting product has your kitchen’s name written all over it.

Choosing the right surface painting for a space

The bedroom

Whatever surface painting colour you choose, be sure to use a coating that will last and look aesthetically pleasing for a long while. A Higlo enamel coating is designed to protect a number of surfaces including wood and metal while providing a high-gloss finish. This makes it ideal for bedrooms where you can use a single product to coat the rooms skirting and metal doorframes included.

With non-yellowing properties, hardwearing high gloss enamel, non-toxic (perfect for children’s bedrooms) and excellent hiding power, this surface painting is ideal for bedrooms that will adorn this glossy finish for years to come.

Choosing the right surface painting for a space

The living room

If you are looking to give your home a new look, texture is a great way to incorporate modern interior design in to your space. Rippletex is great for hiding plaster imperfections and adds texture while being an odourless, non-toxic and highly environmentally friendly surface coating for your home.

It can be used to create three different finishes (dependent on the dilution and roller used to apply the Paintcor product) and is available in a wide range of colours. This means you are spoiled for choice when it comes to the styling of your space while using a flexible, water- and UV-resistant surface coating for your new and improved living room.

Contact Paintcor, the industrial paint manufacturers with your best interests, and most beautiful and functional space, at heart.



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