Changing Your Relationship With Money

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How you can change the way you approach your finances and investments

Like most things in life there must be some kind of parallel in your life where your relationship with money affects either your mood or your general environment and ultimately your investments.

Harkers shares how his upbringing had impacted on his relationship with money. He was quite fortunate that his father is also in finance. His father tried to always bring across the importance and also the respect for money.

“In order to be empowered on your money journey, the only thing you need to empower yourself with is the knowledge of what to do when and how to handle different situations with money,” Harkers says.

Find a group of friends, acquaintances, entreperneurs and other property investors to mentor and support you on your investment journey. This core group of people will be influential in impacting the way you think about your finances and your property investments.

Your social network is important when it comes to creating abundance. “If you have a social network in terms of people who can support you with difficult decisions, it makes a big difference in terms of the decisions and the quality of the decisions you make,” Harkers adds.

Psychologists often talk about that you are the sum total of your five closest friends. Depending on the peers you are associated with it is the quality of conversation that arises.Those type of discussions is then what inspires you. If you are not having the discussion that your peers are having then you start thinking, what am I doing wrong and what am I doing right?

Harkers continues, “Socially, if you surround yourself with people who are looking at different angles, resources and different things they want to achieve financially, that makes it much easier for you because just having those discussions starts creating a greater focus on productive ways to deal with money.”

Napoleon Hill once said that, “Thoughts are things.” If you are around people who think in a particular way, your will begin adapting your financial habits and behaviour which will help you achieve your goal of growing your wealth by investing in property. 

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