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Biodiversity enhances property value

The fact is our economic and social development depends significantly on the state of the country’s biodiversity, also referred to as natural capital, and this, in turn, is increasingly becoming integral to how people perceive value in specific properties.

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Investment property tax Q&As

It is fine to allocate 12% of the rental income to your wife for administration costs – just remember that this must then be declared as a separate income in her annual tax return.

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On SA’s infrastructure spend

Government’s allocation of R847 billion to infrastructure projects over the next three years is a critical step in clearing the backlog and the underspending on critical infrastructure projects that South Africa urgently requires.

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Buy only the best – but do it now

Buying a home, particularly when it’s your first, is an incredibly emotional experience. Given the amount of money being spent, this is perfectly understandable. However, for many, money is not the only consideration.

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Property Demand Exceeds Supply

According to SA Commercial Property News, the average growth in residential property over the past decade has been in the region of 23% a year, surpassing equity returns of about 17%.

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Home loan homework 101

Property ownership is something most people aspire to. It provides a sense of security, is often a source of pride and can usually be used as a financial spring-board for bigger and better things.

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Buy property for profit

There are essentially two ways to approach investing in property: buying in the hope that the price will increase and you will be able to sell for a higher price in the near future

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Your bond: don’t close the door

Although the monthly installment on a bond that is nearly paid up is usually minimal and probably isn’t going to make much of a difference to your pocket once the mortgage is cleared

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