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Home buying: will the good times last?

The reason why home buying is apparently trumping rental lies in the cost of credit. The low cost of credit in recent years keeps the home buying option a popular one relative to renting

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Good time to invest in SA property

The immediate future offers little relief for South Africa’s struggling consumer. Rising fuel levies, paired with the e-toll costs, have further hit many South Africans hard in the pocket.

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Top 9 tips for investing in property

Location is important, but so is finding value for your money. Owning real estate in up and coming areas with new development or renovated properties enhances finding and keeping good tenants and leads to greater returns.

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ABCs of buy-to-let property investing

A buy-to-let property is not similar to a primary or lifestyle residence, it is much more like a business venture undertaken to create, firstly, an ongoing, inflation-linked income and, secondly, capital growth.

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Handy checklist when buying property

In today’s property market, buyers who are looking to purchase a home – whether to upgrade, downsize or simply enter the market for the first time – need to have a well thought out strategy and game plan.

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Property damage and rental deposits

It has to be remembered that whatever law gives the greatest protection to the tenant at present is the law that stands, and if the landlord cannot physically prove there was damage done to the property

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Pay extra into your home loan

Now that interest rates are in an upward cycle, homeowners should think seriously about paying extra into their bonds each month, and take stock of their expenses and disposable income.

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Why Attend a Seminar When You Could Read a Book?

Why spend money and time attending a one-, two- or even three-day ‘talk shop’, when you could glance through a colleague’s copy of the seminar notes? There are some compelling reasons why seminars have taken the world by storm – and a few of them may be quite surprising.

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Investing in property for retirement

Far removed from the crippling fees, the jargon and the complexity of traditional investments, buy-to-let property investment is a simple, straightforward and proven way to ensure your capital grows and to secure an inflation-linked annuity income for retirement and beyond.

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