Jacques’s blog

Jacques Fouché has built his own multi-million rand property investment empire from nothing and has now passed on this valuable knowledge about how to create, protect, and grow wealth through strategically investing in real estate to over 70 000 property investors across South Africa. Jacques is passionate about educating investors and dedicates his time to teaching ordinary men and women how to invest in property to become financially free. Jacques’s blog is a treasure trove of investment advice.


IGrow internal content blog

The IGrow Group provides comprehensive property investment services. Since the company was founded in 2006, IGrow’s expert team has amassed invaluable knowledge about local property investment. Here, various professionals from the IGrow team of property investment specialists, chartered accountants, tax specialists, trust attorneys, bond originators, certified financial planners, rental management agents and digital marketers offer investors their experience and insights.


IGrow external content blog

As a knowledge-driven company, IGrow Wealth Investments takes pride in being a leader in the field of real estate and property investment. We continually strive to provide relevant, valuable information to your investors. These real estate news articles, obtained from reputable, knowledgeable sources across the country, will keep investors on top of any changes and innovations in the industry that may impact their investment decisions.


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