Benefits of buying property in a Security Estate

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blogWe all want to live safely in an environment where you know your families and possessions are safe.

The benefit of living in a security complex is that you don’t have to spend extra money on securing your house with electrical fencing, fences and alarms because chances are that thats already in place with security guards roaming the area and the luxury of knowing when someone is at the gate rather than the off guard surprise.

Things to ask yourself if you are planning on buying a property in a estate:

1.  How important is security?

While the area and surrounding areas are still essential, property inside a estate offers the most secure security highlights, including 24-hour watches and guards, surveillance cameras and electrical fencing.

As security is unfortunately  a main consideration influencing the attractive quality of numerous South African urban cities, home living is increasing expanding popularity amongst local buyers.

2.  Where is the estate situated and is it in a desirable area?

There is really two types of buyers that makes the location vary from buyer to buyer.

For example:

If you are a nature person who prefer the serenity of the outdoors then you will look for something that’s not central but a bit further away from the buzz with less congested roads.


If you and your partner are planning on becoming newly parents or if you are already parents, you will most likely choose something that’s more central and close to good schools. With that said, you will have more congested roads and the housing premiums will often be more but you will have the luxury of being close to everything.

3.  Is the property a smart investment?

In the event of an economic downturn the risk of property sharply dropping in value is considerately lower when buying in an estate, making it the safer investment .  Estate properties generally display a quite stable performance regardless of the economic state.

Whether the property is bought for yourself’s to live in or if you are buying it as an investment, it is important that the estate is financially secured and backed by reliable investors.

Understanding these tips will help buyers to decide what it is that they are looking for in an estate and the knowledge of what the property development company possesses.

4.  Does the estate have good recreational facilities?

Recreational facilities will vary from estate to estate, for example; the estates that are close to the ocean or lakes will likely have private perimeters to these facilities allowing for water sports and community activities, while the estates thats more residential and central will more likely have communal pools, clubhouses and exercise facilities.

It is of most importance that you as the buyer find out what is available and whether this suits your current lifestyle.

The estate has to be right for the buyers expectations and lifestyle. – SecuBond

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