IGrow works hand-in-hand with some of the best developers in South Africa. We help developers sell out their
residential developments as quickly as possible
(as single sales or as a bulk purchase).

IGrow is focussed on creating lucrative, sustainable and affordable residential projects for large to medium residential property funds in South Africa.

  • IGrow creates profitable and affordable residential developments for both the residential fund and property developer.
  • We facalitate this process through our large pool and database of credible and experienced developers across South Africa.

IGrow wealth source, facilitate and create equity investment opportunities for residential funds with developers in earmarked, high rental and capital growth nodes in south africa.

  • We sell out new developments fast, professionally and within the developers’ time line and objectives.
  • Developers can get quicker to breaking ground and start the building process with all suspensive conditions met.
  • We provide the developers with a super fast sales process, where all the pre-sales targets are met within the developers’ time frame.
  • We dramatically reduce the developers’ holding costs, salaries, marketing costs, and developers save on sales commission paid to traditional estate agents.
  • IGrow provides strategic marketing, costing and structuring advice regarding the size, price, layout and specifications of the units to be built, to maximise returns for the developer.
  • Developers will have faster turnaround times with their projects
  • Through using IGrow, developers will maximise their opportunity costs
  • Developers will enjoy peace of mind with pre-sales, deposits and balance purchase prices paid within the target timeline
  • IGrow provides to prospective developers, strategic marketing, costing & structuring advice regarding size, price & layout of the units, to maximise returns for developers

We pride ourselves in providing far above average investment properties for Residential property funds, while creating quality and affordable housing opportunities for low to middle income famalies

  • Off-plan new developments
  • It can be an existing development where the investor buys it directly from the developer. (still a VAT transaction)
  • Entry Level property in a security complex
  • Priced between R 350,000 and R 1500,000
  • 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom units, as well as Bachelor units.
  • Areas: Cape Town, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Pretoria, Mpumalanga, Port Elizabeth

If you have new developments available within our specified criteria, please contact us or email us with your details and the specific development.