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Through many years of experience, we have learnt to see trends and spot potential where others might not, while avoiding possible problems along the way.


How the IGrow Group can assist you with your property investment journey

Do you want to retire financially free? IGrow can assist you to create, grow and protect your wealth through strategically investing in property. IGrow is SA’s number 1 property investment group, having already assisted over 80 000 investors achieve financial freedom.

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Who We Help

First-Time Property Investors

IGrow helps first-time investors make prudent, strategic decisions from the start, by establishing clear goals and objectives that ensure multiple property acquisitions over time. IGrow further assists these investors with end-to-end portfolio management, allowing the novice investor to quickly advance to becoming an experienced property investor. This leads to financial independence and a carefree retirement.


Pre-Retirement Property Investors

For seasoned investors wishing to expand their portfolio, IGrow Wealth advises they consult with a property investment specialist to assist with the finer aspects of tax efficiency, structuring and future financing prospects of their portfolio. IGrow’s aim is to add substantial value, by implementing innovative expansion, consolidation and risk mitigation strategies to give the investor’s portfolio optimum performance.

Experienced Property Investors

We help advanced or high-net-worth property investors implement multiple tax, financing and structuring strategies to grow and optimise their current portfolios. We acquire and manage their portfolios while fine-tuning their financing for additional property acquisition. These busy investors have peace of mind knowing that a team of highly qualified, street-smart specialists are taking charge of their portfolio for them, while minimising potential financial risks.

Get the right advice

Book a Free Property Strategy Consultation

Investors are encouraged to make an appointment for a free, no-obligation personal strategy consultation with one of our property investment strategists.

  • We offer a free initial consultation to ascertain your requirements and investment goals. We establish the current exposure, debt levels, disposable income, age, affordability and personal financial objectives that will play a role in determining your property portfolio strategy.
  • We review the details of any existing investment portfolio, assess time parameters as well as your personal risk profile to ensure that the strategy optimal to achieve your goals.


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Learn the Basics of Investing in Property

IGrow is dedicated to educating property investors – both novice and experienced. IGrow teaches them how to identify, acquire and manage top-performing properties that provide above-average rental income and capital growth yields.

Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom

Property investment is a lucrative way of securing your financial future in retirement. To find out more about how your property portfolio can secure your financial freedom, and that of your loved ones and dependents.

Consult with a Property Investment Specialist

IGrow guides our investors through the entire process of acquiring and managing a successful property portfolio. To speak to one of our skilled consultants about starting or growing your property investment portfolio
Getting started is easier than you think

We invite you for a life-changing, free, one-on-one property investment consultation, where we will discuss your financial future and how you can leverage other people’s money, time, effort and experience to work for you in building your buy-to-let property portfolio.


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