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Learn how to Create Wealth through investing in property

October 2015

Capital Gains Tax: FAQ

CGT applies to the profit that you make on the sale of a property. A loss may be offset against any capital gains that are made in that year of the assessment.

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Investing in Potchefstroom student accommodation

As long as there are universities, there will be a need for student accommodation. Privately owned off-campus student housing is always in demand, so investors looking for a rental property with a constant influx of tenants will find them near institutions for higher learning.

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Sectional Title Schemes

Examples of properties that may be sectional title units are flats, townhouses, semi-detached houses, duet houses, holiday apartments, shops or office blocks.

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Advantages for property investors using a rental agent

While there are pros and cons whether a rental agent is the best option for managing an investor’s buy-to-let property, or to handle the letting on their own, the benefits of using an experienced and trustworthy rental agent will far outweigh the self-managed alternative.

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5 essentials for first-time sectional title buyers

Sectional title flats and townhouses are the properties of choice for a large percentage of first-time home buyers in South Africa, but while they generally offer excellent value, there are some other factors that such buyers need to consider before they sign a sale agreement.

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