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Learn how to Create Wealth through investing in property

May 2015

Start building wealth with buy-to-let property

One of the common financial fallacies that keep ordinary salary-earning South Africans from building real wealth is that high returns can only be accessed through high risk investments and, conversely, low risk investments will yield only low returns.

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Cape sectional title market in sizzling form

This sector is not only peaking with excessive demand and a shortage of stock, but prices are edging ever higher with the rates paid per square metre on the Atlantic Seaboard for example now exceeding those of top end freehold homes.

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Why your bond is your best investment

SO YOU’RE comfortably making your bond payments at the end of every month and looking for a sensible way to invest your surplus capital. What is the next step in making your hard-earned money work best for you?

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Budget your way to financial freedom

Picture this: After weeks of hunting around for the perfect pair of boots, you finally find them. They’re beautiful, and just the right colour. The only problem is – they’re twice the price you had budgeted for. Do you (a) put them back and carry on searching for a more affordable pair or (b) do you pay for them with your credit card? Most will probably go with option B. And therein lies the problem.

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The Rules of Property – Grow your Business

Growing your current business to fund your Property Portfolio is the is the strategy smart investor use to leverage their current situation to use other peoples money to fund their property portfolio, this is the same strategy Robert Kiyosaki…

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Buy-to-let property investing far outweigh its disadvantages

In the South African property sector, there is a growing interest in buy-to-let property investment right now – and this, says Tony Clarke, Managing Director of the Rawson Property Group, makes good sense because the advantages of this type of investment far outweigh its disadvantages.

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