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Learn how to Create Wealth through investing in property

March 2015

Where to invest R1m bond on rental homes

In terms of investing the R1m received from the bank it is important to target a return that is in excess of the after tax net finance hurdle rate (breakeven rate at which the lump sum must grow in order to equal the cumulative bond repayments)…

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Buying property in a sectional title scheme

Demand in the sectional title property sector has increased dramatically over the past few years. The reasons for this range from the perception of security in cluster developments to the sense of community these complexes provide.

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Buying property: your name, company or trust

When a decision is made to buy a property as a buy-to-let-investment, it is important to consider and plan what sort of strategy you, as the property owner, have in owning the property and then choose whether to own it outright or to register it in the name of a company or a trust.

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Invest in residential property, here’s why

The residential property market presents numerous investment opportunities. The nature and diversity of residential property in South Africa can make it difficult for those who are not familiar with the market to come to grips with its dynamics.

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Joint home loans: are they set in stone?

Getting into the property market is something most people aspire to. Sometimes a property requires the ‘money power’ of two salaries, whether it is to get a home you both need, or as an investment.

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Using your mortgage as short-term finance

Your home loan is probably the largest amount of money you will ever borrow, spread out over the longest term. This makes it a huge commitment that can be pretty daunting at first, but your mortgage can also be a useful financial tool for more than just your house.

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Do you really have enough to retire?

CAPE TOWN – Anyone saving for retirement is at some point going to start asking: ‘do I have enough yet’? After all, the whole reason for building up your retirement capital is so that you can eventually put it to use.

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Surge in Cape Town ST property rentals

The surge in demand for sectional title properties in Cape Town experienced in 2014 is set to continue in 2015. Sales within the sector, specifically in the Atlantic Sea Board and City Bowlarea, gained momentum throughout 2014 and show no signs of slowing down.

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Investing in student accommodation

As long as higher learning institutions and universities exist, there will be a need for student accommodation, making it a feasible investment opportunity for those with the available capital.

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