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Learn how to Create Wealth through investing in property

October 2014

Not paying rent is a dangerous game

There are many reasons why tenants default on rental payments. One reason often encountered by legal practitioners, is that the tenant believes that their landlord is not keeping up his side of the bargain by not maintaining the property in the agreed condition or a condition fit for which the property was let

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Maximise your property investment

Some investors maintain the philosophy that you simply shouldn’t sell property, and their method of operation is to collect and build an asset base without having to offload.

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Do your sums before you downscale

Owners who are thinking of downscaling must do their homework first – how much of a downgrade must be made to actually save money? And how can these savings be increased?

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Advantages of signing a sole mandate

A mandate is an exclusive contract between the seller and a real estate agent, allowing that agent to market a specific property and find the right buyer for the home at the highest price in the shortest period of time.

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Happiness and financial behaviour

Can happiness impact returns on investment? Shawn Anchor, author of “The Happiness Advantage” spent 10 years researching the impact of happiness on company profits. He found that when companies invest in a culture of happiness, sales increase by 37% and productivity by 31%.

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Creative Ways to Access Finance

Refinancing is nothing new, and smart investors have been using this strategy for years to access equity locked up in escalated property values and subsidise their cash flow for rental shortfalls, maintenance costs and deposits on new property.

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Need cash? Borrow from your bond

If you’re short of cash it’s worth considering dipping into your home loan before opening a credit facility or taking out an unsecured loan which can carry an interest rate of as much as 32.1% per year.

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Build on good neighbourliness

If you are the person planning to renovate, it is always advisable to approach your neighbours and discuss your plans with them first before submitting them for approval

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Affordable housing on a growth spurt

Analysts at the Africa Property Investment Summit agree that the continent is abound with development opportunities in this space. Some are cashing in on the deficit in the supply of affordable and low-cost homes as, in many jurisdictions, this is the role of the state and private developers.

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Buying property in a company

The decision as to which entity to buy your property in is a complicated legal one, making it vital for potential buyers to carefully consider and weigh up all their options.

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Annihilate your buy-to-let bond

Smart property investors will be aware that
 paying off a bond faster will save hundreds of thousands of Rands in interest and shave years off the bond term.

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Mom, help me buy a house!

Ultimately it’s crucial that your child is well informed and fully understands all of the implications of home ownership before leaping in.

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