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Learn how to Create Wealth through investing in property

September 2014

Tourism growth creates spin-offs for property market

According to the Department of Tourism, in 2013 tourism contributed 9.7% to the country’s GDP and accounted for in excess of 1.4 million jobs, while in 2012 tourism generated R93 billion, making an 11% contribution to GDP and a 10.3% contribution to total employment in South Africa.

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How To Earn Higher Returns Than Market Average

In determining the value of a residential property, many factors are taken into account: size, age, and condition; number of bedrooms and bathrooms; views; proximity to desired services such as shops; crime statistics; school district; and zoning restrictions.

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Be a better candidate for a bond

Paying for something is not simply a matter of giving cash to someone else. Some of – if not all of – the most important items cost a great deal more than most of us can usually and immediately afford.

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Do homework on sectional titles

In today’s world convenience and peace of mind are key priorities for many home buyers. This makes sectional title living a very desirable option, given that outside maintenance, insurance and sometimes water cost, forms part of the levy and is therefore taken care of.

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Why the property market growth is sustainable

This explosion of urbanisation and the increasing numbers and earning powers of South Africa’s previously disadvantaged citizens is helping to swell the growth we are currently seeing in the residential property market.

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Ins and outs of Capital Gains Tax

There are many different Capital Gains Tax (CGT) theories and opinions, but when this tax is analysed, it is not so daunting or complicated. A person’s capital gain on an asset disposed of is the amount by which the proceeds exceed the base cost of that asset.

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Property in trusts: trustee changes

A trust is an agreement between an owner of assets and trustees. In terms of this agreement, the trustees undertake that they will administer the trust’s assets with the necessary care to the benefit of the beneficiaries.

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What rental increase is fair?

The key for all landlords is not to buy property at too high a price because they will be under pressure to charge higher rentals to make a reasonable return.

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Buy-to-let property checklist

If you’re considering entering the buy-to-let market, view our guidelines on finding the right property and getting maximum value from your investment.

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CT property most expensive in SA

Cape Town is seen by many upcountry people as a highly desirable place to which to relocate for a career change or retirement, its residential property appears to offer less “bang for their buck”

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Money Leveraging for Property Investing

Leverage is the use of various financial instruments or borrowed capital to increase the potential return of an investment – and it is an extremely common term on both Wall Street and in the Main Street real estate market.

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Take the risk out of investing

In order to make an informed purchasing decision, you need to know what the market-related selling prices and rentals are. Since it is very difficult to be an expert on all types of properties in all areas, it is usually a good idea to decide on a niche you will target.

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Top tips for sectional title buyers

In today’s world, convenience and peace of mind are key priorities for many home buyers. This makes sectional title living a desirable option, given that outside maintenance, insurance and sometimes water costs form part of the levy and are therefore taken care of.

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