The costs of buying a home

Buying a home costs more than just the purchase price of a property. Nedbank gives home buyers a rundown of the additional expenses to expect.

Many people consider the costs associated with buying a home purely from the point of the property purchase price, as well as the added payments you would have to service after buying the home. However, there are quite a few costs that you would need to consider, both up front before you move in to the house and after you move in, which are expenses that you might not have necessarily paid beforehand. So when we talk about the initial costs involved, there are key costs that one needs to consider.

1. The first one is the bank initiation fee, which is in the region of about R5 900.

2. The second cost involved would be from a seller’s point of view, and that’s the transfer duty. This works on a sliding scale, and it’s usually in the region of three to seven percent for properties over 900,000. And it is worked on the value of that particular property.

3. The third cost that one needs to consider is the attorney transferring costs. So the transferring attorneys actually charge a fee to transfer the property from the seller to the buyer.

4. The next cost is also an attorney cost, and it’s the attorneys that register the property on your behalf. They will also charge a fee.

5. Then finally, also consider the deed’s office which will charge standard duty and a few postage fees, so be aware of that as well.

And then, after moving into the home, also consider some of the expenses that you would not have necessarily paid beforehand. So levies if you’re in a sectional title, and rates and taxes for the municipality, even things like your garden services or the pool, which can become quite costly, so please consider those, too.