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The IGrow Team of property specialists have a successful track record of helping thousands of investors successfully build strong and viable property portfolios.
Our professional IGrow Wealth team of specialists assist investors to research, identify, structure, finance, acquire and manage top performing residential investment properties all over South Africa. These investment opportunities comprise:
  • New developments bought off-plan
  • Distressed and sheriff's auctions
  • Liquidations & sequestrations
  • Renovating existing properties for higher rental yields
When Members choose to work with IGrow, they have the confidence of knowing that they are collaborating with a professional team who have created substantial wealth for South Africans since 2006.

The IGrow Wealth team consists of:

  • Property investment strategists
  • Chartered accountants & Tax accountants
  • Trust attorneys
  • Financing strategists
  • Financial planners (authorised and accredited financial advisors)
  • Property management specialists & letting agents
  • Conveyancing attorneys
The IGrow team’s key objectives is to help ordinary South Africans achieve financial freedom through property investing with emphasis on providing the best possible residential properties together with innovative wealth protection and estate planning solutions.

Property investment strategist Team

When you join as a Platinum Member you will receive a dedicated property investment strategist who will help you formulate your unique property investment strategy. This will be your “go to” person and your direct link to all the other property investment experts in the group.

Our strategists will evaluate your current position, work out a step-by-step strategy and plan, ensure the correct wealth protection and wealth creation structures are created, as well as devise a property acquisition and strategic financing strategy personalized to your particular goal. They will also help you find, negotiate, structure and acquire below market value properties in your newly-formed property structures or in your personal capacity.

Your strategist will assist you with comprehensive rental management through accredited IGrow rental management companies, finding, screening, vetting and placing quality tenants in your newly-acquired property.

Your property investment strategist will review your portfolio with you and in conjunction with our team of in-house property experts’ insights and advice. You are never left alone...

Your dedicated property investment strategist will also advise you of new upcoming training and educational seminars, books, checklists, video training and training resources that you will need to further grow your knowledge and expertise as a professional property investor.

Legal Team

Working as specialised teams, each is focussed and directed to deliver impeccable service in their own field of law. The number of experts comprising each team ensure that it is richly resourced and able to deliver close and personal contact with each Property Club Member. The legal team will assist in the formulation of a Dual Trust structure and also act as independent trustee, as required by legislation.

Our legal team offers comprehensive advice on estate planning, the drafting of wills and all aspects of trust administration. The administration of deceased estates is managed efficiently, professionally and with compassion.

Accounting Team

Once Members have established the set-up of trusts, it is of utmost importance that the appointment of a professional trust accountant is made in order to manage the accounting aspects thereof. SARS will require that income tax returns are submitted at the end of each financial year.

Trust accounts must show all assets held and it is important that precise and correct bookkeeping is executed from the outset. Accurate and orderly sets of books will ensure that no doubt exists about the ownership of the trust’s assets in the event that a member personally comes under attack from creditors.

Bond Originators

IGrow Wealth Home Loans are proud to be one of the leading investment originators in South Africa. Our organisation provides professional strategic advice and are experts at obtaining multiple bonds and increasing and growing our investors’ portfolios. We assist Members with pre- or refinancing applications and are proficient at knowing how to structure the applications to ensure maximum success.

The main function of the bond originator is to acquire and process multiple home loans from the banks for properties purchased by Members. Time, effort and costs are saved by using the services of our financing specialists.

During the course of Members’ one-on-one consultations, the benefits and correct procedures to which successful property investors adhere to will be fully explained.

Conveyancing Attorneys

Our conveyancing attorneys offer full support throughout the process of finalising the transfer of a property to a Member and closely monitor the conveyancing process from start to finish.

IGrow Wealth have negotiated large discounts on conveyancing fees for Platinum Members.

Letting Agents - SA Investor Rentals

Some Members might consider that it would be a good experience to handle the letting of their first and/or second properties themselves. While this consideration may be valid, IGrow nevertheless cautions investors to follow this strategy only after due consideration and having conducted extensive research beforehand.

The process of conducting credit checks, drawing up of leases, inspection of premises each time a new tenant vacates, rent collection etc. does not suit all investors. IGrow believe that investors can spend their time more profitably by leaving these very important functions of a property portfolio’s management in the hands of a capable letting agent who has the necessary resources, manpower and expertise at hand.
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