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I am humbled by the fact that over the last 8 years I have been given the opportunity to have consulted with, coached and had strategic meetings with close to 6000 property investors. This includes CEO’s of large corporations, CFO’s Financial Planners, Actuaries, Charted Accountants, Tax Consultants, and even SARS higher and lower end management teams and employees.
I have also consulted with, engineers, architects, artists, town planners, developers, full time property investors, part time investors and even a few celebrities.

As well as being privileged to present our life changing property investment seminars to over 25000 property investors across South Africa – I have been fortunate to have learned and applied the real HIDDEN distinctions, unspoken and unknown secrets that make investors millions of rands and financially free.

If you are thinking like many investors that there are no secrets to building a property investment empire then you should perhaps consider the most strategic, tailor-made and tactical Mentorship course in South Africa which we launched this week, read more here

My secret for me in building my wealth was learning and implementing the very same property investment secrets and strategies of the world’s most accomplished investors and all the investors I have been honoured to coach. I know that investors who are not familiar with these principals and strategies are almost always wiped out, stressed out, and frustrated that they aren’t more effective and successful with their property portfolio’s. But people who understand and master these strategies create extraordinary lives and sustainable wealth.

There are only 5 keys you must focus on in building your portfolio.

2. Have a customized Financing strategy
3. Buy the right properties so you can leverage SARS for millions in tax deductions.
4. Leverage your team over and over again for money, time and knowledge.
5. Replicate the system and create more and more tax-free wealth in the right tax-efficient structures.

Within three weeks from today I am opening limited enrollment to my Elite property investment Mentorship program. This information has never been thought in South Africa or anywhere in the world before. It has also never been shared in a Mentorship or coaching program before and never in as much detail as we are doing in my new mentorship course. It’s a first of its kind. I am absolutely stoked to give you something of massive value that you will not believe and something that is going to make your portfolio extremely profitable.

This 12 month mentorship course and program will blow your mind… watch out for our launch on the 1st of August. This course is for advanced and experienced investors only. We will only accept 50 registrants country wide (50 property investors.) It will be the greatest course I will train and coach. So watch out for the 1st of August 2014 its going to be the best thing I have ever trained and coached on. These are the strategies that are giving me millions back from SARS in my portfolio’s and obviously I am just loving the fact that the Receiver is working for me by funding and financing my retirement plan and pension fund while I am in total control. Please be on the look out for our exclusive launch within the next four weeks.

Invest strategically, invest intelligently – become financially free
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