My Triple R Principal of Investing

Hi everybody this Jacque Fouche. Today we are talking about the  TRIPPLE R PRINCIPAL  OF INVESTING in buy to let property. and how anyone can build a multi rand asset base by following these 3 simple steps to wealth creation. I know you have great ambitions, goals and aspirations in life,  just like I do, you’ve got ambitions to become a successful investor, to build your wealth, build... Continue reading

The 4 Stages Of Your Journey As A Property Investor

The four stages of property investing  Hi everybody, my name is Jacques Fouché, I’m the CEO and founder of the IGrow group of companies, South Africa’s number one real estate investors group. We teach real estate investors, business owners and entrepreneurs how build a multi-million rand property portfolio by leveraging other people’s money, time, effort and experience, so that they can retire financially free and leave... Continue reading

Is it capital growth that will make you rich?

In this video I want to share with you a very controversial topic and a very frequently asked question from my investors. “Jacques, what is more important: capital growth or rental income?” Whilst it is sometimes possible to have both strong capital growth and a high rental income generating property, it is highly unusual to... Continue reading

New high-end sectional title development, Crystal Lane

IGROW WEALTH OFFERS NEW INVESTMENT BREAK AT TOP-END PARKLANDS APARTMENT DEVELOPMENT, CRYSTAL LANE A new high-end sectional title development, Crystal Lane, in Cape Town’s western seaboard suburb of Parklands, is the latest opportunity among the many Western Cape projects in which hundreds of units have been sold through nationally established IGrow Wealth that has become... Continue reading