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We are one of the only property investment companies in South Africa providing a holistic specialised and professional service on wealth creation, wealth protection and investing, using entry-level property as the underlying asset class.

We view direct ownership of property as both the cornerstone and alternative vehicle to the traditional investment products available. It is a proven fact that 95% of people will not be able to retire financially free, and our investment strategy is aimed at ensuring that this never applies to you.

Our property investment principals are based on Robert Kiyosaki’s methods of investing in property, but are specifically geared for the South African market and investor.


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We do not share your personal details with third parties. You will only receive Property Investment infomation from IGrow Wealth Investments.


We are specialists in providing high-income producing, buy-to-let property investments throughout South Africa for our Investors.

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Expert Team.

Our experienced team has successfully guided many novice investors to financial freedom through our bespoke property investment services.

& Accounting

The objective of a trust is to legally mitigate an individual’s risk by ensuring that all businesses, properties, investments and assets are owned in the appropriate Trust and Corporate structures.

& Wealth

IGrow has negotiated many Below Market value South African property opportunities on behalf of our Investors, with High Capital Growth and exceptional rental demand.

Property Education
& Seminars

We provide our investors the necessary tools, knowledge and peace of mind to start a buy-to-let business and to make property investment the cornerstone of their pension fund for early and carefree retirement.

Featured Properties

South African Property Investment Opportunities

Given our many years of experience in property investment, more specifically in negotiating large bulk deals, we have a very clear and detailed due diligence process that we carry out on every new property deal.

As a result, all of our properties are heavily discounted, high-income producing investments that are low risk.

In addition, we work closely with our investors in selecting the right property deals that are tailored to meet their investment requirements and help to achieve long-term financial objectives.

"Financially Independent through Property Investment"

Empower yourself with cutting-edge financial education, tools, resources and a team of property professionals.

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This is where Jacques Fouché and other industry experts write about real estate investment advice, tax, interest rates, property trends, business strategy and much more...

Invest Intelligently

The purpose of the IGrow Property Group is to empower you with cutting-edge financial education, tools, resources and a team of property professionals who will help you secure an early retirement through investing in property.

Property Investment Education

You will discover that our educational and financial systems were designed to keep us financially ignorant and that the only way to become financially free is to change your thinking about life, money, debt and financial education. We endorse Robert Kiyosaki’s philosophy of investing in Residential Property. (Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.


A Holistic Property Investment Approach

The IGrow Group of Specialist services providers can assist with all your Investment requirements.

IGrow Wealth Homeloans

IGrow Wealth Homeloans

South Africa's Investment & Home Finance Experts. Peace of mind Home & Investment Bond Financing solutions for all Property Investors.

SA Investor Rentals

SA Investor Rentals

SA Investor Rentals is one of the leading and fastest growing Property rental and management companies in South Africa.

IGrow Chartered Accountants

IGrow Chartered Accountants

IGrow Chartered Accountants specializes in Trust Accounting and various other services such as personal tax and business accounting.

IGrow Digital Marketers

IGrow Digital Marketers

IGrow Digital Marketers is a Cape Town Digital Marketing & Web Development Agency, which focuses on client results and sales. Grow your Business online!

IGrow Wealth Management

IGrow Wealth Management

Our specialist financial planners and financial advisors will help you create an exceptional and distinct financial road map towards financial freedom.

Trust Focus

Trust Focus

Trust Education, Trust Law, Trust and Business Structures, Trust Administration, Estate and Tax Planning.

Property Investment advice geared for the South African Investor

Entrepreneurs & Property Investors Trust Us

When Members choose to work with IGrow they have the confidence of knowing that they are collaborating with the professional team that have created substantial wealth for South Africans since 2006.

The IGrow team’s key objectives are to helping ordinary South Africans achieve financial freedom through property investing, with emphasis on providing the best possible residential properties together with innovative wealth protection and estate planning solutions.

Jacques Grové
\"After listening to the speakers’ various profound insights I realized that residential property has far more potential than I had initially thought.\"

Annake Müller
\"The knowledge shared has empowered me with the guidance of the IGrow process to take another property to buy\"

Andele Harris
\"Jacques Fouche made it very clear how we can do it. With IGrow Wealth\'s help we will soon have our first \'auction\' investment.\"

Barry Nefdt
\"IGrow Wealth has turned my portfolio completely around in short of one year.\"

Building Wealth Through Structured Property Investment

Become Financially Independent through Property Investment under the guidance and direction of Jacques Fouché and his team.
The IGrow Property Investors Club guides Members to financial independence by building lasting wealth through high-performing property portfolios, as well as assisting South African investors to master every stage of the successful property investment process – identifying, acquiring and managing top performing properties that provide above-average rental income and capital growth yields. The IGrow Property Investment Group provides a holistic approach to wealth creation by using entry-level property as the underlying asset class and ensures that the most tax efficient property and financing structures are in place, thereby providing the best property investment opportunities in South Africa.
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Who we help

Our holistic long-term property investment service is for anyone interested in Wealth Creation and Wealth Protection, with the main aim of achieving financial independence over the medium to long term.

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Why Property?

We show you where to start in order to take responsibility for your financial journey and independence. The right property at the right price in the right area can set you up for financial freedom!

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Our process

Follow our 3-Step approach to Financial Independence. By following the right sequence of events, you can dramatically increase the speed and timeframe for achieving your financial objectives.

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